new uses for bowl serving bowls

lindatJuly 21, 2008

My sister went to an auction. In order to buy the "item" she wanted, she ended up with a stack of lovely bowls. They are of all styles, footed, frosted, pressed glass, ect. Most are the "serving" type, no ceral bowls here. So what else can we do with these? The "smaller" ones, we found worked well as pillar candle holders. But the the big ones have us stumped. We look forward to any ideas for more ueses.


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Without seeing them I am going to suggest bases for totems?

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Maybe not new uses, but,
A nice look is to place floral foam in the bottom and make fresh or artificial arrangements.

If they are very large drill a hole in the bottom and use as a ceiling light cover.

For the holidays, place battery operated fairy lights in them then pile glass ornaments.

Fancy pet dishes.

When going to a pot luck, use it for your favorite dish, then leave the bowl as a hostess gift.

To hold soaps, TP or hand towels in the bath.

To hold magazines on the coffee table

If new enough, use in place of place of a gift basket.

I always have a large bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, it encourages everyone to eat healthy

Thats all for now, hope this sparks even more ideas for you.

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I just found this site while browsing around GW.
I am usually on the Home Decorating forum here at GW.
I've already found wonderful ideas just from reading the first page of T2T!

As for Large bowls/Platters---if you garden, you can drill a small drainage hole in the bottom, glue a terra cotta plant saucer to an upside down candle holder and then put the bowl with plants on top.

I just finished doing this with some Found & GoodWill candle holders. I have some larger mis-matched serving bowls and platters and I've run out of space inside so had to find a way to use them outside.

Once painted, I'll place some of the drilled serving bowls on top of the clay saucers and fill them with pretty colored plants.
A grouping of pretty mis-matched bowls with plants---just an idea.

I haven't gotten around to painting mine yet but here's an example that might help you with your serving bowls.

These are clay saucers glued to the top of 'pillars' I had stored in the garage rafters.

These are the Free and Goodwill candle stands, saucers glued on top.

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I have used serving bowls for a bird bath. Just attatched to a vase or some type of base. Used the GE silicone glue and saves on the drilling.(always seems to take forever).

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