If you were to stay in a Bed and Breakfast

trisha57_nyJuly 22, 2008

What would you expect to have in your room?

Hubby and I just opened a B&B on the North Fork of Long Island, NY.

Thanks. any and All comments will be appreciated.

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I am not a great B & Ber but here is my list

I always hope for a private bathroom

I want a place to put the 20 odd pillows one often finds on a B & B bed

I think having a guest book "diary" is great. I like to read what others have written and often find suggestions for restaurants or activities

Most of all, I want things spelled out for me e.g. what time breakfast is, what I can expect to find on the menu, any special rules about hot tubs and that sort of thing.

Sometimes some brochures are nice.

I like a phone and a phone book

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When we choose a B&B, it's because we want a restful experience. Most important thing to me is a small fan (for white noise), a small, dim light for reading a book at night while the DW is asleep, and most important, luxiurious high thread-count sheets and a really nice down pillow - better than one I would have at home. That ALONE makes it a special and more relaxing night's sleep. I've found that a really great pillow at a b&b makes me come away thinking it was luxurious. My advice, splurge bigtime on the pillow and sheets.

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I would want my bed made up with sheets and no bedspreads. I stayed at a Raddisson Hotel in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprise to find them on my bed. You can wash every item except the pillows between guests. Among those many pillows they had 2 bed pillows, 2 body pillows with zippered slips and 2 small pillows. All pillows had slips that could be easily washed between guest. Some of the other hotels are doing this also. It felt clean and fresh. BTW, the top sheet was a little heavier than the bed sheets and had a blue binding on the hem as did the pillows. I also told the maid just to make my bed, no need to replace every thing each night. She took away towels that I laid in the bathtub and left the rest. Oh, they also had a comforter in a duvet, all on the bed was white. And in a B&B you could place scarves or something on the back of chairs and change those between guests. I don't like to lay my head on cloth upholstery in hotels or B&Bs.

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It's me again. I didn't read cat's post. Our posts shows the difference in people's taste. I buy WalMart's cheap sets of sheets, around $30 I think. It's hard to say why I prefer them, the have more body, texture, a slick feel to them, not how to explain it. I like them as well as any expensive sets I have had. And keep in mind some people are allergic to feathers. I hate hotel pillows, fat lumpy things. They can actually put me in a bad mood when I go to bed. LOL

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A luxurious bed. Comfortable, soft mattress pad. Lots of different sized pillows in soft cases. Everything smells fresh, like they've been air dried outdoors.

A bedside pitcher of ice water and real glasses.

A TV that's slightly raised so I don't have to look between my husband's feet to see it.

A table and chair near a window with a small coffee maker.

A refrigerator with an ice bucket and clean wine glasses.

Literature explaining meal schedules, what there is to see and do in the area (with contact numbers and prices, if possible). Lists for couples and for kid activities. Recommendations for great seafood restaurants and water activities, especially on Long Island.

Internet connection.

Large, white, absorbent towels.

In the bathroom: a small basket of essentials that may have been forgotten.

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Lots of good ideas above.

This isn't specifically 'in' the room, but one B & B where I stayed did the best thing. It was early evening (Sunday, so there was nothing much to do around--everything was closed), we were in our room, relaxing, watching TV, when the aroma of baking brownies started to creep under our door, enticing us downstairs. We'd been told to feel free to raid the kitchen for snacks when we arrived. Well, the hot brownies were there, on the kitchen table, beckoning everyone staying that night. We had a lovely time, munching on brownies and chatting with the other guests. I doubt we'd have taken that opportunity, but for those wonderful, fragrant brownies.

We enjoyed the guest journal, too--fun to read all the different entries.

I also like to find info about the surrounding area--either in the room, or at the desk. And a small local gift (pretzels in Lancaster County, for example) is always lovely.

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Most of my experience with B&Bs has been in the UK, but here's my list:

- a good comfy bed
- a private bathroom! And with warm water, please :)
- good towels
- a TV is nice, but not necessary
- a list of local restaurants, and local things to do
- the rules of the house

I guess you probably can't have a tot of whiskey available like they did in the one Scottish B&B that I stayed at, but it's sure worth thinking about ;)

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Ive been a B&Ber for years...Privacy and not a involved owner....great breakfast in the morning (homemade muffins etc)...Plush towels...big enough to cover your body when you get out of the shower and enough towels...A couple of bottled waters on the night stand...Ive been to a few who have lite music and wine & cheese out in the parlor between 6-7...which is a really nice touch. If there is property...pockets where lounge chairs for reading and quite time is a nice touch. I live on Long Island...where are you and whats the name...Ill pass you around alot of friends and I come out East Ending often. My hubby and I seriously thought of doing what youve done...Im jelous! Good Luck!!

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No television in the room please! If I want to spend time watching the boob tube I would stay at home. Comfortable chair and lamp for late night reading.
Private bath is a must with a cozy comfortable bed. Everything spotlessly clean, again, if I want to see dust, I will stay at home. Ideas of things to do and see in the area.
Last B&B we stayed in, provided complimentary bottle of wine that we enjoyed while sitting beside the pool.

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