Dogs and Yellowstone

ponderinstuffJuly 9, 2003

Anyone taken them? I understand they can't go on boardwalk or trails which would seem to make it nearly impossible to do anything. Just love to hear any feedback.

Also, anyone have ideas for dealing with heat in a car or trailer? Is there a way to cool them without car running?

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I've been to Yellowstone 8 or 9 times. I wouldn't want to ever have our dog with us for the reasons you stated. We had friends a number of yrs ago that took their dog with them and they regretted it because they were so limited in what they could do. If you've never been there, you should know that the best things to see require some hiking.

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Sounds like animal cruelty to me...

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Appreciate your answer Jan, we didn't end up taking them. It was a good decision.

Yeah, titan...I'm cruel to my animals that is why I asked questions regarding their safety and traveling with them. I really wanted to harm them, give me a break!

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