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addiesueApril 23, 2011

Hello...It's been awhile since I've visited this forum and every time I come back I ask myself why I haven't made time to revisit it more guys AMAZE and INSPIRE me! I have never found a forum yet that has as many talented people as this one.

This is my latest glass on glass window. It's called The Tea Party and it measures 32" x 23". It didn't come out quite as I had envisioned...the dolls are just scary as heck and I have several spots that the grout bled behind the glass, but nothing I can do about it now...glad it's done and ready to move on to something This was one of those projects I thought I might never get done....broke the base glass twice and had to start over.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Tea Party

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I had commented on flickr-I think its amazing and I dont think the dolls are scary at all, its a wonderful piece. grout bleed happens, thts part of creating things by hand and I dont think it detracts one bit from this piece. You see all the flaws, I think its absolutely wonderful and I wish I could do as well!

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Oh my goodness, that is beautiful! And I agree, I didn't find the dolls scary in the least. I was too busy being enamored by the beautiful trees in the background, and the girl in her hat. This is really a gorgeous piece!! I do hope you stay and keep visiting. Though I confess, I do the same thing. Life starts getting in the way of my art and I forget that even though I'm not creating things, all the wonderful artists here still are! LOL

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Very pretty!!!

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You are our GOG Queen! Glad you keep getting back here cuz YOU are Inspiring and Amazing too!!! I love all your children themes, this one is right up there with your Angel Watching over the Children one!!!

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Its beautiful. I particularly love how the flowers and vines seem to have movement. I don't think the dolls are scary either.

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Absolutely amazing. Talk about talent - oh my!!! CALAM is right - Queen, princess, Ladies in Waiting, ALL of them. I see your signature cuts and love this whole piece. The frame is outstanding - absolutely wonderful for this piece. Wish I had a thimble full of your talent. Don't stay away so long.

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