Help me save my brass lamp

Daisy7July 31, 2005

I think it's brass. I bought it eons ago and gave brass price for it. LOL I forget the name but it was very expensive.

Anywho, it has corroded on one side for some reason. Okay, I know the reason - I used to sit my Coke glass by it every night and the sprizzles got to it.

I'd like to clean it up and make it shine again. Does anybody know how I can do this? Steel wool? Barkeepers Friend? Sandpaper? At this point, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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I have a brass student lamp and it was stored for five years and was a tarnished mess. I mentioned that I needed to have it recoated to an antique dealer and she told me this shortcut that works. Protect working area with newspapers and an old towel, put on rubber gloves, pour SnowBowl Toilet Cleaner(I never substitute brand) into a glass or plastic bowl and take a small rag dipped in the SnowBowl and generously swipe the lamp. The tarnish will evaporate like magic and if any remains, a good brass cleaner like Brasso will remove. Rinse the Snowbowl off well and lightly polish with Brasso to create a finish. Do not touch the brass with hands. Skin oil starts the corrosion. Polish with a clean soft rag and enjoy your lamp.

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All I know is that a friend from work used to clean all her brass using a strong solution of unsweetened orange Kool-Aid!

(Now, if it corrodes it even more, I ain't responsible! LOL)

Is that a good enough answer? Will you come back, now, ya hear!?

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Daisy, check the previous post. Sounds like they had some good ideas.

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There is a special cleaner/polisher just for brass. I think it's called Brasso. Look in the cleaning products section of your regular grocery store or hardware store.

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Lemon juice and salt. It's the only tarnish remover I use!

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