Phoenix reporting deaths by heat???

chery2July 24, 2005

On our travels from VA to OR, we spent a day/night in Phoenix. When DH said, "Did you hear 17 people in Phoenix died b/c of the heat?" I said, "Not surprised. I almost made it 18!" We went to a DiamondBacks game in an eclosed, air-conditioned stadium, and STILL SWEATED! It was 114 that day. Don't let anyone tell you that Arizona heat isn't as hot as Southern heat b/c Arizona doesn't have the humidity we have; HEAT IS HEAT!


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I think Phoenix has had a lot of humidity lately like we have had here in New Mexico. The remains of Hurricane Emily just passed through there and it's also the monsoon season. My relatives moved from the area earlier this year, but they always told me the best time to visit is October through March. That's when I've been there and haven't been disappointed.

The dry heat without the humidity is a very different heat from what you are used to. We have 10% humidity average here wher I live. Honestly, if you are standing in the shade, it's bearable. However, if the wind is blowing, it feels like youu stuck your head in the oven. I grew up in Arkansas which has an average of 65% humidity. There, it felt muggy even at 10 pm. Here in the desert, unless there are clouds in the sky, you don't feel sticky all the time.

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This is a VERY LATE addition to this post, but I just wanted to add a note about the heat-related deaths:
MOST of the heat-related deaths are homeless people living on the street. Most of the others are elderly who cannot afford air conditioning.
But yes, it is very very hot here in the summer! :)

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It is often quite hot here in the Dallas area in the summer, but I like to tell myself "at least I'm not in Phoenix".

I have been there twice in the summer and it is HOT.

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