Niagara falls/Radisson

kurtgJuly 24, 2002

Thinking about Niagara Falls for our 5th anniversary in Sept. We were married in Russia (where my wife is from) and went directly where I was living in FL w/out any honeymoon. I found a deal on a falls view suite at the Radisson and thought thatsounded nice.

Any opinions? It is a 7-8 hour drive, we'd stay 2 nights and take the little one (14 mo) with us. Would have to find a place to board the dog before we left.

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We went to Niagra Falls on the Canadian side this past May and had fun! I don't know about the Radisson, but we loved the falls and especially enjoyed the Butterfly Conservatory and the Botanic Gardens. We stayed in a B & B that we found on the internet. Good luck!

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Thanks. We are getting excited about going. My wife also got some suggestions for a B&B (and other things to do), but I thought our little boy would like the indoor & childrens pool in the Radisson. I also thought hosts/guests at a B&B might be more disturbed with a little child. I got a deal on a King suite with falls view at the Radisson so went ahead and reserved it, but we can always back out (not likely).

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We just got back a couple of weeks ago. It was much better than I was expecting! We stayed our first night at the Hilton in Canada, with the Falls view. You definitely have to get the falls view!!! The Hilton was really great, except, for part of the view you get all the construction going on - more hotels. For older kids, they have a fantastic water fall and water slide in the hotel. If you like pizza or Italian food, you can go to a place called Michael & Angelo's. It's very good and very reasonable. Be sure and take water or drinks with you when you hike down to the falls area. Drinks (water, cokes, etc., will cost about $2.50. I went to the store and purchased a cheap styrofoam ice chest and my drinks. I just took water with me everywhere I went. Good advice on the Butterfly Conservatory and Botanic Gardens. Both are fantastic. The Maid of the Mist is a MUST SEE, as well. The Journey Behind The Falls was neat also. We also rode the "People Pusher" - I think that is what it's called. It's a bus that runs about every 10 minutes at all the tourist places. It really beats driving your car around and trying to find a place to park. Also, if you're there on the weekend, be sure to watch the fireworks and lighted falls. You didn't say if you're on the American or Canadian side. Don't stay on the American side! We spent the first night in Canada (that's where we splurged on the hotel room) and the second night on the US comparison! I wish I had splurged both nights. We were only there three days & two nights, but I got everything in I really wanted to see, except for Cave of the Winds. Also, room rates almost triple on the weekends, so if you can go during week days, you can get by a lot cheaper. One thing that amazed me about the Canadian side, was that with all those thousands of people there, the place was immaculately clean. Be sure to take lots of film and video camera. HAVE FUN!

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Thanks for all the comments. We are getting excited about going.

The Radisson is on the Canadian side. I found a deal (Thurs + Fri) on a falls view king suite which was way cheaper than anything on the american side for Thurs and the Fri premium puts them even, but the Radisson seemed rated really good relative to the others and it is a jacuzzi sweet with a falls view. The hotel also has indoor pools (our 14 month old loves the water). We will also be there ~3 days and two nights.

I think we'll miss the fireworks, but will taking in the illuminated falls, Maid of the Mist, etc.

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I live by Niagara Falls, NY. You definitely have to stay or go to the Canadian side. The US side is kinda naturelike, you can have a quiet lunch on the grass and have no fear of your 14 mos old running around, plenty of room. Let me know if I can provide any other info before you come.

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Thanks everyone. We loved our visit. The Radisson was nice, room had a great view and the inside pool was nice, but access to the falls was a little dissapointing. With all the construction going on, its hard to get from any of the hotels down to the falls. Many fancy existing hotels will have a very poor/blocked view with the new buildings so check ahead of time. Our legs were tired from the waliking up and down the hill.

We hit the Maid of the Mist, Journey behind the Falls, Botanical gardens and carriage ride there, Butterfly conservatory, floral clock, the mosaic-sculpture? garden, many scenic overlook areas, and visited Niagara-on-the-Lake.

We ate at the nice restaurent up in the Minolta tower and it was cheaper than our breakfast at Denny's (no joke!) and the view was great.

We didn't get to the US side as we exhausted our little boy and ourselves and were content with what we'd seen.

Our dog stayed at a nearby kennel (Sandon, between Niagara and Niagara-on-the-lake) which was much nicer than making arrangements for him here.

Hope to go again.

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we are going to Niagara Falls next weekend staying on the Canadian side. I can't tell you how helpful it is to get your insights.

KurtG, I have been really trying to make reservations ahead of time for a kennel and can't find one. I know this is a busy time of the year but can you email me with the name, phone number of the one you found in Sandon?

Thanks again!!

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