Plant cage from folding camp chair

concretenprimrosesJuly 18, 2009

Hi our dfosterd left one of those nice folding chairs with the metal tube frames in our garage. Cept this one was a mess. I took the fabric seat/back and armrests off which required a screwdriver, turned it upside down and put it around a hollyhock clump. I drove the metal that extended up into the seat back into the ground. It looked a little ugly at first but now the hollyhock is growing around it, and it will be very sturdy - needed for this clump! Another advantage of it is that I could open it really wide to lower it over the clump then make it as narrow as necessary (which also make it taller). I put pretty rocks on the little flat plastic feet, but will try to come up with something better.

Oh, and I put the fabric seat/back in the garden path as mulch.


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Sounds like a good way to recycle them. Good idea. Got a pic? You made use of the whole thing. TFS

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I would love to see pic.s of this. Good reuse:)

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Me too.

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