cruise ship question

salenaJuly 31, 2006

How difficult is it to take a bottle of wine on-board? We were told that any brought on would be confiscated then returned at the end of trip. How do they know we would have it? Guess we would have it in our 'carry-on'.

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If they are just going to take it and return it at the end of the trip, then you really have nothing to lose by trying to take it.

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Went on a NCL cruise last fall for a family reunion. 1/2 of our group had their booze taken. The other 1/2 got away with it. I bought Kalhua in Mexico and carried it right on the ship, no questions asked, go figure. They scan suitcases randomly and catch some. Good luck, it's easy to plead ignorance. It's worth the gamble, because on board drinking of all types is outragous. I gave up pop for a week because I refused to pay $3 for a can of coke. We didn't drink any beer, wine or liquor on board - too expensive. Cheap in port though.

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Thanks for the input. I bet hubby will try to smuggle!

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I hope I'm not too late for you, but they check carry-on's more thoroughly than checked luggage. I was told to put my smuggled alcohol into checked luggage with a lock and it will most likely get thru. My step-mom was able to sweet talk them into letting her bring 1 bottle for an "anniversary toast". Good luck and have fun!

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