burned out glass bulbs

cateyanneJuly 8, 2008

I realize this may be a better question during the holidays, but I'm also decorating my garden and wondered if anyone had ever heard of a good reuse of old Christmas bulbs? the C7's and C9's that are considered more old fashioned than "mini" lights that you decorate tree and house with? I have saved mine for more years than I can count. the colors were so captivating I could never throw the burned out bulbs away! Now I'm cleaning things out of my craft stash looking for ideas for my new butterfly garden. It doesn't have to be for the garden, I just need some good ideas or I won't be able to justify saving all these bulbs. they are literally flowing down my attic steps and used whole or broken, I've always "thought" they would be wonderful reused in a project, I've never been able to come up with one on my own. Help me crafters!

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Years ago someone gave me a bucket of premixed grout. It had adhesive in it as well.
I was doing ceramics at the time also and had some flat candle holders I cast.
I slapped some of that stuff on them and pressed in tiles I had made. I loved the look! Of course they were not good for holding candles as they were very uneven.
I just "saw" designs made with your lites pressed into this stuff.
Hope I have not confused you, and no, I don't have a picture, but I could take one if you like. I have one of those silly things around the yard somewhere.

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The "Junk Market" ladies have made Chrismtas cards with them. You might be able to still find their site "junkmarket.com" although the mag is no longer published. Another thought would be to use them somehow in your Xmas decorations either inside or out. Maybe tie them to a real or faux tree with pretty red/green yarn. Not much of a help but that's all I can think of.


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How about winding wire around several to make bouquets that can be placed in the ground, pots, or hang?

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Here is a link that might spark your creativity. I am now in search of the c7's and c9 bulbs. I want to make these bugs so bad! I have some brand new ones, maybe I can sneak a box without hubby noticing. : ))

Here is a link that might be useful: What to do with burned out bulbs of any kind

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i saw some of the "bugs" on a garden tour and they made a great addition to the whimsical flow of the outdoor spaces. its been on my list of "to try". for bigger ones use the small base chandilier (sp) bulbs. for regular sized burned out bulbs- i made santa heads from those one year for gifts. cotton for the beard, google eyes, felt hats, wire for hanging. turned out cute.

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I was wondering do you think you could make a dangly thing like a wind chime only different, like a sun catcher???? do you think that a hole could be drilled in the end or a little link sadered on the end to thread a ribbon or hook a chain????I have crystals from an old lamp hanging in my kitchen window,I have used an old beaded necklas to hang my crystals but a ribbon would be good also. I thought with the beautiful colors a sun catcher would be good.With the bulbs randomly bunched up and down the chain???? Do you fhink that the glass could be broke and used in a mosaic project(glass on glass)???????

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You can make a hole in the metal base of the bulb with a dremel. I have done this many times with regular light bulbs.


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Hello Ladies,Found this along while ago and always wanted to try it!LoriP http://www.craftbits.com/viewProject.do?projectID=886

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At Christmas time I decorate with big old canning jars full of old Christmas bulbs and small glass ball ornaments (just the right amount of tarnish) :)

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One year I did make Christmas earrings for all my girlfriends. We bowl together and have a Christmas celebration each year. So I had my DH drill a tiny hole in the metal end, then I strung each bulb with jewelers wire and earring hooks. I painted tiny Christmas themes on each one(pointsettia,holly, santas, snowmen, snowflakes, bells, angels etc.) the girls loved them and still wear them during holiday time. I have so many I need a BIG project to use them up! I still use these on my tree and outside every year, so I get "new" material every year as well!
I was thinking of crushing some and just using the colored glass somehow, but how I'm not sure.

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I found this while I was out surfing. I'm not sure if it would appeal to you or not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Non-traditional Centerpieces

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Wow those are great! Makes me wish I had a bunch of those bulbs (probably have 5 or 6 just cuz I have stuff everywhere!)lol

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If all else fails, the C7s can be used as replacement nite-lite bulbs. I just bought a pack of 4 clear ones at WM.

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