painting brass?

madersJuly 22, 2006

A friend gave us a full size brass bed- the brass is really tarnished and I tried cleaning it- but alas to no avail- unless you know trick- but the other glitch is the bed rails are on backwards so the bed sits on top of the rails instead of inside- so it will move if jumped or whatever- so I wanted to know since I am using it in my daughter room- can I paint it white? my friend was going to trash it and so there won't be any hurt feelings. but I would hate to ruin something too. Is there any way to check to makle sure I am not ruining a valuable- is brass valuable if it is not shining?


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If you type in "brass refinihing" in your web browser line you will get web sites about just that, refinishing brass. There are several pages on the topic. If I were painting it, I would use a medium to make the paint stick first of all, then I would use enamel paint and give it a few coats of a sealant.

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Hi Heather
If you don't want to struggle to get ALL of the brass to shine, why not paint most of the bed, but leave a few select areas brass and polish those (knobs, spindles, etc.)
I've seen everything from acid baths (scarey) to ketchup (!!!) suggested on the web to shine tarnished brass. I'm sure there is something out there that will work for you. Good Luck!


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Someone gave me a brass bed off It was one of the brass beds that were so popular in the 80's.
I lightly sanded it and primed it with kilz spray paint.

I then spray painted it an antique gold and sponged bronze paint on it. It turned out great. I didn't seal it because I wanted it to look old and it won't see a lot of abuse in my guest bedroom.

I hope this is helpful.

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