foggyjJuly 7, 2006

Going to Boston for 3 days in August. Staying in a hotel downtown. Any must see's there, that will be easy to get to from downtown?

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Did you ever watch Cheers? You've got to have a beer at the bar that they used the front of for the intro to the show. I was driving through on a road trip, and that's the only thing I had time to do as we were literally just driving through. Nothing special, but if you were ever into the show (might not be from your time don't know your age) it's just one of those things that you have to be able to say you did.

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Yes, we were a fan of Cheers. We saw the New Year's Eve show Jay Leno did from the bar.(That was a long time ago.)
Heard they have pretty good food there. We'll try to check it out. Thanks.

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We are also going to Boston in August. My husband and I are originally from that area. First go to and check out the "Go Boston" card. At this website you can see a lot of tourist options. My family really enjoyed the Duck Tour, I highly recommend that. The Freedom Trail is great. Fanuel Hall is good tourist shopping. A place to eat is the "No Name", (it has no name)great seafood chowder and other seafood options. Legal Seafood is always high on peoples must go to list, but it was always too expensive for us. Try a cheese steak sub and a roast beef sandwich while you are there. The Black Rose is a great place for night entertainment, ask for a black and tan. The Swan Boats were great fun when we were kids. The book "Make Way for Ducklings" should be read first. Are the Rod Sox in town? Go to a game! Three days will go by fast. If you had time, Plimoth Plantation is great, as well as the Mayflower, the rock is a good laugh. Salem is nice too. Have a great trip ... or should I say have a wicked good time!

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