Christmas 2009, where would you go??

christy2828June 10, 2008

I plan on using my timeshare with my family, my parents, and my sister's family in December/January of 2009. Where would you go?? Where have you gone, and would recommend?? As a side note, my mother has asthma, and trouble breathing in higher altitudes, so that will be a factor!! Thanks so much for any input :) Christy

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I would need a LOT more information.

Warm or cold? USA or not? Any kids? If so, how old? How long? What activities will people want to do? What is the budget? Any physical attributes to consider besides Mom with asthma?

If I was in a scuba mood, I'd go to Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean...
Unless I was in a skiing mood, in which case I'd go to British Columbia Canada, Salt Lake City, California, Jackson Hole, or the Rockies.
Of course, Christmas in Germany or any other of the Old World countries would be awesome. I hear Quebec is lovely that time of year.

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Lol, I suppose you're right, a lot more info :) Sorry!! Okay, thinking cold, thinking east coast, Yes children, two of them will be 4, and one will be 2, and if things go right, there will be a baby. It will be for one week, and using my timeshare with Interval World. Thanks, Christy

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not that its that cold but what about williamsburg? or colonial virginia.

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Ah, that is where our timeshare is, and the timeshare we are trading. Those traveling will be coming from Orlando and Atlanta, and we have no idea where we will be living next year (possibly Savannah, could be Miami). We've done Gatlinburg, and liked it, but would like to try something different. I've also considered Hershey, PA, but since we will no longer be living in Maryland, that might be a bit further away. Not that we couldn't fly, just most in my family prefer to drive. Thanks for the suggestions!! Christy

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PA in winter - you will be spending a lot of time indoors or stuck in a snowbank.

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