Fear of flying

popi_gwJune 18, 2007

I haven't been on a plane for quite a few years, and in that time I seem to have developed a fear of flying. I am faced with an overseas trip in December, with my children.

I clearly do not want to be anxious in front of my children as I think they will "learn" to be like that. So I MUST face up to my fears before the trip.

I have googled and there are lots of ways in dealing with this situation, from books to courses with a pyschologist etc.

My question is, how have others coped with this situation ?

My issue is feelings of claustrophobia.

Thanks for your help, my palms are sweaty just thinking about going !!


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I discussed this with my doctor, and she prescribed me a few valium. She recommended that I do a 'trial run' before I go, to see how it works out. I haven't done the 'trial run' yet, or the flight (it's in August). Just an option :) Good luck! Christy

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I also had a fear of flying. Mine was a control issue, as in not having control of the plane (thought I could do a better job of flying the plane then the pilot if anything ever happened). I also didn't want to visit my fear on my children. We travel frequently every year. I went to a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who is also an RN and a massage therapist. Through visualization, relaxation techniques, and a tape of the sessions she gave me to listen to on the plane that helped out greatly. If I need them my doctor also gave me a prescription for Alprazolam.
Last year our family went on a trip to England and Scotland. We were a few short feet from landing at Hethro, when the pilot powered up again and took off. Seems there was another plane on the runway that was just tooooo close for comfort for our pilot. Didn't bother me in the least. We just flew around again and came in for the landing a 2nd time. So if I can over come my fear, I think you'll do just fine. NancyLouise

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Popi if 1st class isnt an option, maybe you could request an exit row seat. it gives you a little more room and maybe you wouldnt feel like you were quite so claustrophobic. Did you check the seating arrangement of the plane? This also might help to allieviate your fears, of being too cramped. i know I feel better when I fly on the bigger planes that have rows of 2 5 2 across. It just feels alot more spacious.

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Many thanks for your comments, it is nice to hear from others.

I was planning on doing a "test run", short flight with DH, and two children, but the cost is rediculous. So, my new plan is to buy a book on the subject, and start getting serious with meditation, then in a few months, just get on a short flight with a trusted person and see how I get on.

I can do a course with an airline, which sounded wonderful, including a pychologist, and tour of the plane, and test flights, but that was $2600 !


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