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deannabsdJune 7, 2007

My young adult daughters and myself will be traveling to NY City in August. What should we skip and what are must see or do's. We plan to catch a play, Ellis Island, maybe a Yankee Game, US Open, and Central Park all packed into 4 days. We are staying in queens and will travel most likely via subway and our feet. Any suggestions will be appreciated. D

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Time Out magazine for New York City is a superb source of information about the goings on in theater, movies, clubs, sports, music, museums, galleries, and so on..... The listings also tell you how to get there by public transportation.

In TimeOut you will find a multitude of theater listings, including for off-off-off Broadway shows, where tickets can be had for $15, $25 or thereabouts. You will also find much that's for free.

While in Central Park, you'll be near The Metropolitan Museum of Art (has a great (but busy) cafeteria on the lower level. Check the Museum's web site for exhibits that would interest you & daughters. (Met Museum is open late on Friday and Saturday evenings, when it's lovely to have a drink on the balcony w/live music.

Lincoln Center (Broadway & 65th Street, or thereabout) usually has a lively summer scene.

A round-trip on the Staten Island Ferry will get you a great view of the Statue of Liberty. The fare is tiny.

When in NYC, get MetroCards that allow unlimited travel on buses and subways for one day = $7/card/day/person. Cards are not transferable, so each person in your party will have to get one. Unlimited MetroCards are available from some news stands (wrapped/sealed in cellophane) and from the vending machines on subway platforms. (The unlimited MetroCards are not available at the token booths.)
When using the vending machines in the subways, watch your wallet/pocket book, and if people get too close/in your space, something might be up = watch out. Possibly move to another machine. Also, there are scams going on where people sell passage through the turnstiles, but avoid those scams. You can usually use credit cards in the MetroCard vending machines.
Have a great time in NYC

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Thanks for the information.I am thinking 4 full days will fill up so quickly. We will have part of 2 additional travel days. Any other information is certainly welcome. I noticed on a map about a garment district. Do you know if it is an area where you can go and buy fabric? Thanks a bunch. Deanna

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