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toad_caJune 24, 2005

Hi everyone. I'm trying to do all the planning for a multi-city trip in September and the airline sites are driving me crazy! There are flights listed on something like Travelosity that don't seem to be listed on Alaska Air, etc. I don't want to go through an "agent" like Travelosity, but I don't mind picking their electronic brains if it would help sort out my options. Are there any sites that deal with lots of airlines that you folks use? I'm dealing with Los Angeles to Anchorage and then Fairbanks to Seattle to Los Angeles.

Thank you for any and all suggestions!

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I guess I don't understand why you have a problem with Travelocity. I like it. Are people having difficulties with it or is it a questions of principles?

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Actually, I know very little about these sites. And later in the day, I gave Expedia a try and found what looks like a pretty good deal. So here are my new questions:
1. How much do these folks charge? (couldn't really find that out easily on the site.
2. How do I get seat assignments when their equipment apparently doesn't cover the airlines I'd be using? Can I call the airlines AFTER going through Expedia?
3. Are there any risks with using a secondary site to book a flight?

Thanks for your help!

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I've been booking online for years - that the only way I do it anymore. I use cheaptickets.com.

None of them charge you anything, just like a travel agent would not.

There aren't any risks as far as I'm concerned. Just use one of the major travel sites like Travelocity, Expedia, etc.

Any way you book a flight is going to go through an online computer system, whether it's through a ticket desk at the airport, by phone to the airline, with an agent, or through an online service. In all of the cases, I would call the airline directly to confirm your reservation a day or so later. You can find out about seat assigning at that time.

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