'You're not really throwing

liljunkrJuly 27, 2010

that away are you?" I asked the handyman at work about this pile. He had a skill saw in hand and was hauling pieces to the dumpster in the back parking lot at work. "Yep" he says ME "OH NO I'll just put it in my van & make sure it don't go to a land fill." He wouldn't even help load it I did it alone.

Then DH and neighbor helped unload in front of garage.

A gal of free staining wood protector, a free-cycled paint brush and a multiple recycled steel bowl.........

lots of elbow grease, lots more sweat, a very little blood (mine) a few tears (also mine).........

plenty of screws (also free-cycled) and a few splinters,

mild swearing (mine again) some laughter (DH and neighbor).........

in a few hrs a day in 2 days

We have this.........


I don't think it belongs in a landfill yet!!!!!!


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Nice save! What is the matter with people?? So wasteful sometimes...

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Looks like it is ready for years of service! Tho you might want to put down a couple of concrete blocks in front of it to keep anyone from running into it!! Hope you heal fast from your labors, they were not in vain!! A nice glass of ice tea & a good magazine & you're all set!! Jan

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That is awesome! What a great save, and what a great job you did! Congrats!

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Who would have thought! You did! What a good idea and good work. It looks wonderful.

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It is shocking what is thrown away! I wish our dump had a "free" area, I'm sure that people would use it who are too much in a hurry to drop things off at the thrift store.
Good save!

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Amazing! That table is still so new that it is not completely weathered on the undersides of those boards. How lucky you also got the sealer/stain for it. It looks great. Good save! Cheryl

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Good Save. Shame on him for trying to fill the landfill. I see lots of good years still to come.

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Go You!! what a great save! Way to upcycle!

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WOW! It's gorgeous!!! Love that you made something out of it! Veeeeeeeeeeery green!

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Thanks gals and guys for the good words.

Mission accomplished!
This past Tuesday I finally got the table moved from the front driveway (where we did the work) to the patio out back (took most of this time to clear off and rearrange the patio). Three gymps and a little hand cart movers. 30 feet in 20 minutes. It is heavy and awkward but oh so sturdy!!!!! LOL

It has been so nice to have my morning coffee under the shade of the umbrella and watch the birds flit around the yards. Next week-end we are doing the first B-B-Q and see if it will stand up to 5 hefty men sitting at it. It is reinforced so well I could drive my truck unto it and it will stay together. LOL


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Great save. Good for you. You did a great job. Will last you for yrs. tfs

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