Rain barrel

garyfla_gwJuly 27, 2012


have a leaky 80 gallon one. have tried to fix it 3 times but failed. Any other use for it?? Too deep and big for either a leaf or composter. has a rather odd shape so bags won't fit it. Any ideas??? gary

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I don't but put it on Garden Junk forum as they find all kinds of interesting things to do with junk. One lady used oxygen tubing that was green colored for leaves for flowers she made. They might have a great idea, pic would help!

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Can't think of anything that falls into the catagory "junk" as much as a leaky rain barrel?? lol
It's too big and deep as a composter odd shape means bags won't fit it so won't even hold trash lol.
guess I'll set it in an out of the way place in the yard until i become inspired!!! Thanks gary

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How about a planter? Make it even 'leakier' by putting additional holes in the bottom. Fill with topsoil or potting soil. Plant flowers :-) We did that with a boat... I don't know why a rain barrel wouldn't work!

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