Best site for booking flights to scotland

Lynne_SJOJune 19, 2004


We are thinking of going to Scotland this summer (From San Jose, CA) and would like to review available flight schedules. After going to the major travel sites, I am terribly disappointed (expedia; travelocity; etc.) in the search function. It requires that you exactly specify:

-the airport you want to leave from (we are flexible-it could be San Francisco; San Jose, or any of a number of airports in Los Angeles)

-The time of day you want to leave (who cares? Just want a decent price and a schedule that is as hassle free as possible--which means that we don't want to fly through Chicago!)

-The exact airport you want to fly in to (As long as we get to Scotland, I don't care which airport...)

Does anyone know of a travel site that is more flexible than these awful ones? I want to say where I live, where I want to go (scotland), # of people traveling, and departure dates, and then find out which routes; airlines; prices and other options are available. Note: we do not necessarily need the cheapest tickets - convenience is also important, so we want to see ALL the options that are available.



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Sounds like you could benefit from the services of a travel agent, I'm not aware of any websites that can search based on your criteria. You might also figure out who has the best schedule to Scotland and then search that airline's website. I found a much better deal on recently (for travel to SF, btw) than on any other site. Turned out the lowest price fare was also the most convenient for us.

There are probably too many different ways to get to Scotland for you to really look at "all" of them, someone with a lot of experience (know anyone with relatives there? is there a Scottish-American social club you could contact?) could help narrow it down.

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I have been thinking about that as well. The hands on service of an agent may well be worth it, though I must admit that everone I know books their travel online. I have been very disappointed in the lack of functionality of the online travel services. My wish would be to find one that would let me just say where I am and where I want to go...end of story. All these restrictions that require one to put in departure date, arrival date, time of day you want to leave (who cares? it is a vacation) drives me crazy.


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