Where did I see those bronze wild horses?!!

Glitter53June 9, 2005

Oh, my goodness. I can still remember them so vividly! We were returning home from BC through the northern U.S. States, and somewhere along the way we came upon a ridge with the most magnificent statues of wild horses streaming down the hill! They were life-size and we have friends driving that route soon and I don't want them to miss it!

Help? I thought it may have been in Montana, but I can't come up with a thing that I try to Google for any of the States!

I hope someone can help....I'd love to find a photo of those statues...ours were lost....

Fingers crossed


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texas has a set. mustangs I think, but thats too dar south. can you describe them better? I have friends along the northern border who might help us identify and locate them.

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Thanks, deyenu! This has me so frustrated, because I remember that sight as if it was yesterday....so stunningly beautiful! I even bought my own bronze statue of a Mother horse and her colt today as my own souvenier of it!

We were driving along the northern highway from Washington State to Michigan. I remember going over a long causweay over...was it the Columbia River?....and right there, on a ridge of mountains, were bronze wild stallions racing down that mountain-side! They were life-size and you could almost see them galloping down that ridge as if they were real! I believe there was a look-out point there, also, but you couldn't get anywhere near those horse statues.

Oh my goodness....I'd go back there again just to see that sight! I don't know why it affected me so much; I'm not a horsey person, but when I see them 'in flight' like that on tv, or in a rodeo my heart just skips a beat!

If you don't find out, dayenu, bless your heart, I'll just have to email all the tourist offices in those northern states! ;-)'Course...if we ever do travel that route again, I'd have to get my DH to stop at Mall of the Americas and Lambeau Field again, too! hahaha!!

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!!...Linda

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they are indeed over the columbia river and here is a photo I found on the web

Here is a link that might be useful: the horses

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