Can these be repurposed?

laurmelaJuly 7, 2010

We have 2 end tables that are 26 years old. Solid oak, sturdy, but blah!

I want to try and reuse them, but I don't like the rounded edges. I am getting ready to redo the family room and put up board and batten paneling. These just don't do it!

Here is the lamp. Also 26 years old. I am thinking about painting black and frosting the glass.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.



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I would paint the table satin black. Let it dry then rough it up a bit and go back over them with a medium colored stain. For the lamp, I would sand lightly, prime and then paint the entire lamp with one of the metallic paints (pewter, oil rubbed bronze, antique bronze, etc.) and all. A new shade and you are good to go!

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I think 99% of furniture can be repurposed with paint, given a whole new look. Of course, not much you can do about those rounded edges without dealing with some major carpentry.

Myself, I'd paint them a creamy white and then rough the edges up with some sandpaper, same with the lamp....but I don't know your style or decor. Even really bright fun colors work in some homes! There is a very helpful blog called "Better After" which shows dozens of photos of before and afters of salvaged furniture, from antiques to what you have. It is a great blog for ideas if you don't mind paging thru all the posts to check out the pictures. It is mostly photos, not alot of writing, which is good.

Good luck.

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paint of course OR mosaic tile on top? or other tile?

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I agree with painting the table (black or a creamy white), but since you hate the rounded corners add a flat square piece of wood to the top first. Your rounded corners are gone and you are able to use the table as a base.

Not sure what I'd do with the lamp. It probably wouldn't cost much to replace the clear glass with some stained glass, then paint the wood.

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