Fairy Castle Update

texaswildApril 13, 2011

Made, mosaiced and now planted the garden to the castle. Guess I could have planned this project better to have included a stream made of mirror tiles on each side of the drawbridge, but I grow weary of long projects - no attention span anymore. It's now finished.

Castle Update

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That turned out so dang cute !!!!! Love it!!!

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I like the parapit? painted like that, with the gems too! And that base is GREAT! Love the plantings, they look like they will trail down! Where is the girl/angel/faerey statue?Looking forward to seeing this in person!

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Its wonderous! Love how its set up on a pinnacle. The colors around the door and windows are just perfect. I too wondered where the fairy is.
Great job. I have to laugh because all projects seem to be long ones for me.

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Oh that turned out so adorable! Is it going to stay on the pedestal as a planter like that? What a cute idea! I like how you turned it into a planter. I hadn't expected that as part of the finished piece but it's perfect!

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Hey, thanks, y'all. Yeah - I forgot the fairy. Yesterday was such a danged crazy, busy day - yard man and all the things I had him do extra. This is the final home of the castle. It's such a pleasure to drive around the corner and view this first thing as I wait for the garage door to open.

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Wow, what a unique piece of art. I didn't realize you would plant in it; I love that idea! Charming.

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Thanks, SILVA. This was one of those crazy ideas that developed sorta suddenly, when the owner of the nursery where I have sold some pieces suggested I make some fairy houses that everyone was talking about. At first I said flat out NO. Then I toyed w/the idea, and thought it'd be fun. Well, of course, like everything I do - it turned out larger than planned, and I had such fun working it and liked it so much that I decided to keep it for myself.

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