(pix) Garage Door Window Panels retire in style

kitch_n_katJuly 12, 2010

I found these two 8' long windows curbside in a neighborhood of 1960s built homes. The owner replaced his two garage doors and had disassembled the old doors and put them out for pick-up. These were the top horizontal window panels for each garage door .

I originally thought to use them as doors for a 8' tall opening (seen in the photo below) in my former home, but decided instead to use them as free standing/leaning mirrors (simple how-to is below).

They were in my former home's living room (seen partially on the right side in the second photo)...and are now in my bedroom behind a chaise, reflecting the trees outside.

how to....

I had 8 pieces of 1/8" thick mirror cut and I attached each one directly on top of the original glass inside the frames using mirror mastic from a caulk gun- the glass and wood frames were dirty but in excellent structural condition. I let the glue set-up a couple days with them horizontal and flat then painted with leftover paints I had- a mustard yellow first, then a soft grey on top. I intended to distress them so the yellow and original cream color would show through- but liked the simple gray and stopped there.

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Came out lovely!! Makes your room look larger too! Nice save! Jan

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Very nice!! I'd never have know what they originally were if you hadn't told us.

BTW - Your entire room is gorgeous as well!

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Thank you much-

I've enjoyed looking through this forum's past posts...wish it was more active...I've put a halt on bringing stuff home till I begin and finish projects to-be-done....sound familiar? ;)

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