Bible find!

madersJuly 28, 2006

I thought I's send an FYI about other treaure hunters! hope the link works

Here is a link that might be useful: bible link

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That's a pretty amazing story of the King James Bible. I still have an old Norweigen Bible my ex-husband's grandfather had in his storage shed. I asked for it and he said ok. It is so old it has wooden covers, with leather. It also was in a fire. In the back of this Bible also is a family's genology. I haven't tried to locate any family members as the man in the news article did, maybe I will. I did however go through each page (had to pull them gently apart) hoping I might find Civil War Bonds or whatever and make it rich. All I found though were some four-leaf clover and an ad for Uncle ..... Cure All Syrup. I put those articles in an old frame. I'll post pic if I can find it.


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