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mom2emallMay 26, 2009

So last night my middle sd got in trouble and sent to her room for her attitude. A while later I went to check on her and she was still crying. I told her I love her but she can not behave that way and she told me that she was not crying over that. She began letting out all her feelings about her bm's absence over the last few months. I told her how much we all love her and that sometimes adults do not do what they are supposed to and we can not change that. As much as we want to change that we can't. And I told her that what her mom is doing is totally her moms fault, there is nothing she could do to make her mom be a better parent.

So last night I wanted to call and give bm a piece of my mind. Finally mustered up the guts only to get a disconnected message for her phone!! So today I drove past there with a girlfriend after the kids went to school. (I didn't want to drive my car in case they happened to be outside or something).

I was picturing a for rent sign in front of their duplex or something. But nope! I see all kinds of flowers planted and little statues and junk. Then I see one of their cars in the driveway with new ghetto style rims on it and I see a new car with temporary plates on it as well!!

Glad to see they are okay and spending lots of money. And this is the same bm who pays no cs because she is so broke!!

I wish I would not have driven by. Sometimes not knowing is better I think.

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I am sorry for your SD. Does her school have a support group for kids from divorced families? My D's is called Banana splits --

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