Reusing Old Kitchen Cabinets in Basement- Need Ideas!

taupe79July 14, 2005

Okay, I know these were never exactly trash (since they were our old ones), but I am finding that those who reuse, recycle, and repurpose items often have a lot of vision! So, I'm asking for help!

I have our old cabinets, both top and bottom, as well as the countertops. I know I want to creat more storage and hang them/place in the basement, but I can't get a feel for how it would look or a good way to line up/arrange the cabinets. I've looked on the web and surprisingly found nil.

Does anyone have any ideas? Pictures that you've seen or found? Your own similar project (we're hoping to put a few in the garage for DH but are stumped where to begin there as well)? A website that I couldn't find?

I guess I just need some inspiration- someone else's idea to expand from or something. I'd appreciate any and all help! Thank you!! :)

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We took some old cabinets out of our cabin and used them in my studio, I painted them with a dark blue, and copper paint, using a rag roll method, We put them along one wall, and I now have storage for my supplies. If you have a space that is open, start there, even drawing how you might want to use them. If its in the laudry room, or even for stuff that you keep in storage most of the time. We also got some old cabinets from my work and put them along the long wall in the garage, uppers and lowers, they now serve as a storage for kids sports equipment, car stuff, and animal treats. Along with my own paint sprayers, and chemicals

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Would you happen to have pictures of your studio or garage? If not, that's okay, but your paint-job and set-up sound really neat! Thanks for replying!

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What a great idea -- could even be a downstairs kitchen of sorts -- add a mini-fridge and even hook up a sink if possible -- what a great movie/TV/entertainment lounge!!!

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