Outdoor Victorian Painted Lady Mansion

peggy_wayApril 4, 2009

Decision time. I have nearly always used Weldbond for my mosaics but this house will have 100+ hours of work into it and I want it to last. The structure is cement board with the exception of the turret which is pvc pipe. It is very heavy already. I will have it out only when temps are over 60 (Omaha, Nebraska)but I can't decide on what type of glue would be best. The rock foundation is held by thickly applied thinset and that worked well for effect. I used Weldbond to put on the windows. The rest of the house will be mostly miniature and 3/4" glass tile and I cant imagine sticking miniature tiles to a thinset base. Especially the 3/8" ones. Any ideas? I will of course grout (sanded) and seal. I plan to use a neutral grout then paint in color details (window panes etc.) HELP! Wish I could show you a picture. If can put it on my page I will but I'm new here and not sure how.

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There have been many questions re Weldbond for outdoor use, and all but a couple responders advise against it. I strongly am against Weldbond for outside. It w/re-hydrate when wet. W/so much work on such a project, why take a chance. I use thinset for ALL outdoor projects, and I wouldn't hesitate to use it on 3/8" tiles. Just a little is enough - paint the surface w/thinset, stick on the tiles.

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Oh please show us a pic! If nothing else just post the address of your site!

Silicone is another alternative. I am totally not familiar with thinset-if Queen slow says it will work-it will.
And someone on another forum has recently had Mac glue rehydrate when exposed to moisture, just fyi. No weldbond or Mac for sure.

Oh-and see the little boxes below your box you type in? just cut and paste the URL (address) of your pic in there, and then name it in the second box and we can click and see this beauty!

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I actually like thinset and the type I use is pre-mixed. Will it be ok with the pvc pipe too? I have seen Weldbond re-hydrate when I grout so I know what you mean. Do I need to put it on so the grout comes up between the tiles or just enough to hold it on until I grout?

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I've never used pvc in mosaics, but I DID seen an article in a Better Homes magazine where one lady had made several columns in her garden using it. I'm thinking it w/stick well, but I'd probably do a test on a piece first, or just wrap it in duct tape - or maybe just give it a good sanding. I wouldn't put so much thinset on that it oozes up between the tiles.

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I am posting Peggy's gorgeous Painted Lady for her....
Here it is ya'll. Clicky for big.

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OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL PROJECT. This is gonna be a real beauty. Man-o-man - how pretty this w/be. I revamped an East Lake Painted Lady, and lived in it three years, until it became to much of a job to keep up maintenance on it. In fact, I visited that house last week when I went to Tyler's Azalea Trails. It's not as pretty as I left it. Please keep us posted on this wonderful project, WACKY/PEGGY.

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