Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach

BombShelleMay 11, 2003

We are not kids, but still like good bands, and although we like young people, we don't want beaches over run with teen partying. We like a good clean pampering hotel, and safe areas to walk after dark. We love seafood!

What would be your choice of these two places?

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I've been to both and I like Myrtle Beach much better. It was cleaner, much more to do and I felt safer. I would suggest staying in North Myrtle Beach though. It's more family friendly, most of the partying happens on The Strand.
The Strand is great to visit but you don't want to stay there. I just love Myrtle Beach and I'm making myself crazy talking about it so I'll stop. I hope you have a wonderful vacation whatever you choose. If you have any specific questions about Myrtle Beach just email me, I've been there several times and we lived in Charleston, SC for 5 years.


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My husband and I were so disappointed in Virginia Beach - dirty, run-down, traffic - not our idea of a nice beach area at all. We are from So. California and used to really wonderful beaches (with actual waves, LOL). Haven't been to Myrtle Beach.

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Been to both, and been to VA Beach lots of times. For your needs, you don't want VA Beach--it's a prime hang out beach for college students. Not a lot of partying on the beach, but the main streets and some hotels can get raucus. Until we had kids, I greatly enjoyed VA Beach more than any of the others (Ocean City, Rehoboth, etc.). Now our needs are changing.

To the Californians: This is the Atlantic. Beaches are completely different here. VA Beach actually has more waves than many of the other beaches because of it's location (at mouth of Cheaseapeake Bay). But it's not big surf country--that's why people go to CA to surf. The Atlantic is much rougher than the Pacific, but out on the ocean, not near the beaches (though there are exceptions). And it's neither dirty nor run down--it's just a resort town like most of the middle class resort towns on the mid Atlantic (they are all starting to look too much alike in my opinion). There are other types of beaches, like the Outer Banks (and Martha's Vineyard, I'm told) that are more about the beach and less about the beach attractions.

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Although we are from California we visit the east coast every year - sometimes twice a year and have been up and down the eastern seaboard many times. Fortunately I know what dirty and run down looks like and Virginia Beach is both (in my opinion). I also understand the difference between Atlantic and Pacific coast beaches but thanks for clarifying.

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I'm late to this discussion, but when was the last time you were in Virginia Beach? The city has done a great job of cleaning up in recent years. The beach was widened (is that a word?) and the board walk totally re-done. Sorry, but in my humble opinion, Virginia Beach isn't dirty compared to some of the beaches I've been to in the Carribean.

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Myrtle Beach was DISGUSTING!!!!!
there were more cigarette butts on the beach than there was sand..*gag*
And the little town part was like a bad hillbilly carnival.


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You want to see a total lack of waves, visit the gulf coast of Florida.

Wonderful though, if you have small children or don't like rough water.

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If you want privacy on the beach Assateaque Island near Ocean City, Maryland is the place to beach it. You buy a pass for $75 which is good for a year. Only a limited number of vehicles are allowed in at a time so get there early. Must have 4 wheel drive. You have about 1/4 mile of NO ONE on each side of your spot you choose. For the pass you need a car jack, a small shovel, and a board about 1 foot square, that's in case you accidently go off the sand roads, it's a long walk back, ha, ha. You let air out of your tires on the way in and refill on the way out. There is a public beach at the begining that's not too populated either, with bathrooms and water faucets. It doesn't require the pass. There is also a neat area to do crabbing of a nice dock area. The wild ponies are a plus to the atmosphere too. Then you have the city/boardwalk for evening fun.

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