Trash-to-Treasure Tales

thrift_shop_romanticJuly 23, 2007

Happy Monday, everyone-

I know we all enjoy hearing about other people's excellent trash finds-- (frankly, I think it's almost as much fun as finding things ourselves...) And I thought you might enjoy reading a couple of the fun stories a few of my blog readers had kindly shared with me, and permitted me to publish, in turn, sharing with you all.

The link is here, if you have a moment:

I've seen SOME things roadside lately, but unfortunately most of them have looked too pre-fab or worked over to be useful, even with some love.

Best wishes to you all,


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I love to hear about everyone's good stuff!!! My best find was a soft wool/silk rug the fringe of which was peeping out of a garbage can!! When I first saw it, I thought it might be the hair of an old Raggedy Ann since it was bright red and fuzzy looking. When I grabbed it, I noticed right away that it was the heaviest red head I ever saw, and encased in a black trash matter.....into the back of the Explorer she went. When I got home and opened it up in the drive way (incase it really WAS dare they!!) it was the most beautiful rug, with knotted fuzzy fringe on the ends! It is red with white tracery foliage and the occasional pale blue flower. At this moment, after having it cleaned, I have it stored in my cedar closet. One day when time permits, I will design the linens of a bedroom around it, so it can shine in it's well deserved glory!!

Here is a link that might be useful: live link to Jenn's page........

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Wow, that IS a good story, Jaybird. Don't you wonder what runs through someone's head when they throw out something perfectly good like that? I mean, for Pete's sake, it's a good item that could at the least be donated to a charity, especially when something like a rug is so transportable.

Ah, well-- their loss has certainly been your gain! Congrats on your rug rescue. :-)

And PS- thanks for adding the live link; I guess it wouldn't let me because I was the initiator of the thread.


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Jenn, after you hit preview message, then you can add the live link on the next page. Not sure why it works that way.

I'm off to read your stories now.

Jaybird, what a good find, and you were brave enough to check it out. You know what they say "nothing ventured, nothing gained". Know you will enjoy the rug.


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Ah! Luvs, thank you! I totally missed that.

(Usually I have to remind myself to even publish the thing after Preview... I swear, I've lost more posts that way.)

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Thanks for sharing those stories, Jenn, I love to read them. I now feel a bit more confident to even talk at work about my 'hobby' (well, to certain collegues...). My new manager is a crafter and since I told her about that manicure thing I posted on HGTV she almost asks every week if I've started painting it yet... (actually bought paint in the factory outlet last weekend).
And I'm quite flattered you chose 'Morning Star' as your preferred nickname! But I like that one too. Thanks!


Here is a link that might be useful: Look What I Found!

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Ha, well, Astrid, you just need to pick and choose who to share your trash obsessions with. Many good people will understand and see it as a creative outlet... and then some, well... not so much. :-)


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