My summer project of 2009

cinnamonukApril 23, 2011


I have been looking at all your great work for a couple of years, This site is the best iv found for inspiration. You all make such great things. I live on the east coast of sunny England so i dont have such great weather,So i need colour and beauty in my garden. Hope this works lol





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Nothing opened. Welcome to the forum, and yes, it's a wonderful forum. Anxious to see your projects.

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Oh, wow! That is absolutely stunning! (I was able to see it if I copy/paste the URL without the IMG tags into my browser.)

I love the colors you chose, and can imagine how nice it looks on your wall. I'm presuming that's a garden wall?

Thanks so much for sharing!

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LOVELY! Did you do the table also(in the last pic?)I think you should post some more of your projects!!!! I really like the mirror added to this pc.

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beautiful work!

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What's the matter w/my brain - Thanks, LORI for the nudge. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL work indeed. LOVE the swirls. Lovely table underneath. MORE MORE MORE. We love eye candy. Keep us posted on your next projects.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, The table underneath was the first mosaic i had ever made.
I did it while living in Cyprus in 2003.
(I gained lot's of inspiration from living there)
Check out this web page for some of the projects from the mosaic collective.

The shop is in Limassol and is amazing.

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Very pretty!!!!

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