Garage Sales - What did ya get?

des_arc_ya_yaJuly 29, 2005

Didn't go to but about five or six this morning. It was funny because I bought the majority of my stuff at two sales - the others were just "lookers".

Got nine wooden picture frames for 15, 25 and 50 cents a piece. None of them terribly fancy/ornate, etc., but good useable sizes and I can ALWAYS use frames.

Also got three old tennis rackets for $1.00 each. Didn't need the rackets, but wanted the presses/forms (whatever!) off of them. Saw a cute idea for using them as a frame around a photo or print. Already had one, so now that makes me four. (I can still do a little math and I DO mean a LITTLE! LOL) Had photocopied the first letter of our last name and had planned on framing that. Since I have more, plan on doing all three of my initials and setting them on easels on my mantel.

Also bought a box of 130 old postcards for $4.00. Plan to resell those in my booth at the antique mall.

Anybody else go? What did ya get?

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Oooohh..old postcards! Would have loved to have found them! Lucky you!

I had pretty good luck today - found a color TV for $15., a hamper for $3, a adjustable desk lamp for $2 (all for the foreign exchange student we are hosting in a couple weeks), a neat old bread box for $2. Kromex brand going for about $50. on eBay! Yippee!! Some old iron brackets, porcelain bath items (anybody ever seen a porcelain shower head?)and an old cuckoo clock for parts. A very good day compared to the last few weeks.

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Let's see...I got a bowling ball for $1 which I'm going to decorate for the garden. I found a cool chair w/removeable seat which I'll plant. I got a neat denim dress for my soon-to-be chair lady. Some Xmas ornaments..I like the colored, shiny balls hanging from my bare trees in the yard. The weather wrecks them, but at 25c a box, it's pain-free to pitch them after Xmas. I love burning candles and got more of them. Also got some great snowman chair covers for Xmas dinner. One place had neat handmade jewelry and a couple good books. Got some Pampered Chef gadgets, too. Hit about 10 sales, all in my neighborhood. I think I spent a total of $15. I was surprised at the pricing at a few sales...really high and not negotiable. I passed those by. My golden rule is 10c on the dollar for pricing, although if I see something I really want, I do amend that.

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Des-arc, you can use the tennis rackets like picture frames. When we did crat shows, I cut a piece of thin wood, fitted it in, and did a painted scene on the pice of wood. If you know someone who plays tennis, a photo of them in the racket. they won't last long but you could use them handle in the ground) for plant markers, or garden signs.

Sudie, don't pitch the glass ornaments--the paint will usually come out (0r off) with fingernail polish remover or paint remover. Pour paint, or fingernail polish into the clear glass globe for another use.

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Thanks for the ideas, Nona. No, I hadn't planned on tossing them, for sure! LOL (If you could see all my "stuff" you'd know that's not a tendency of mine! LOL)

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Wow, thanks for the ornament tip...never thought of that. And like lots of us on this forum, I HATE throwing stuff away. I'll give things away, sell them or donate, but whenever I've pitched something that got old, faded, tired, etc., 9 times out of 10, I've regretted it.

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Hey Nona, your post about the glass ornaments and paint reminded of a t.v. show I saw. This guy took one of the common big glass vases, and also a small fishbowl, and used the different colors paints and swirled it around inside. They were beautiful. Can't remember if he thinned them down.

I THINK I saw something about doing that with old half used up nail polish, thinned down, or the clearance kind from the store for a few cents.

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