Venice, Florence, Rome

foggyjMay 15, 2009

We just returned from a vacation to Italy. Had a great time.

Venice is really another world. No cars, or anything else that runs on 4 tires. Everyone lives among all the tourists. It's crowded-Laundry hangs out between windows, etc.

Florence is definately for art lovers. Beautiful place.

Rome, fantastic. Very crowded, and full of tourists from all over the world. However, the sights to see there are incredible.

I wish more people would share their travels experiences on here.

America has dropped the ball on an international transport system. Europe has a wonderful train system between lots of cities. All clean and well run.

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I agree w/you in general about mass transportation, but how could America have an international transportation system? We are connected only to Mexico and Canada and have so many immigration and Homeland Security issues. Also, the USA is so large and the train is a comparatively slow way to travel. It doesn't compare to the situation in Europe.

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Do you mind me asking how long you were there for? We are going for 13 days this summer and we are going to the same places but we are also going to Milan and Lake Como. We are trying to figure out what tours to in Rome or if we should just wing it as we are going with an 8 year old? Any suggestions would be great.

Also if you don't mind me asking what are the prices like for food and drinks there. We have heard that they are reasonable by some people then others say its expensive.


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I posted to your other thread but let me add a few things here.

The food was just like anywhere else-you pay what you want. The pizza and pasta is amazing- that is pretty much all we ate. Also, gelato. So good! We did not find anything to be overly expensive.

Our hotels were between 100.00-175.00. and they were great. Some were very european and older and some were new and modern. All hotels include breakfast. I have the names of the hotels if you would like them.

We do not do tours. We do some research on what is available and then ask about activities at the hotels. You can always get a guide at your attraction.

We were there for 17 days and went to Venice, Milan, Cinque Terra, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri.

Personally, I think an 8 year old would love Pompeii.


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When you go to a grocery store, do not handle the fruit and veggies like we do here. They have to show them to you. I got severely yelled at. I didn't know what he was saying but it went on for a long time and people were turning around and staring at us. I didn't say a word. He was very exercised. I couldn't figure out my crime but someone explained that I was handling the fruit and looking at each piece and then either choosing it for my cart or leaving it in the bin, you know like we do here where everything is self service and you are on your own. I only chose a couple of pieces so it wasn't like I was plowing through it. Apparently this is simply not done and I may have inadvertently even cut in line totally oblivious!!! I just went up to the produce bin and thought it was self serve like here since no one was around it at all. I am hyper aware to be observant of local formalities but this one caught me off guard. I was so embarrassed and it did ruin my whole day. So anyway, look for a person in the produce department near a scale. They are the one you tell what you want and they choose it and weigh it for you. To this day I wish I knew what he said, probably best that I don't!!

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Take a bus to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. there isn't much of anything around the area, but you can say you went there, and saw it live!
If you want to get the most for the money, I would say to go on tours. They tell you things you might miss if relying on a tour book alone. Be sure to keep wallets, under your garments. Pick pockets are in every city, preying on tourists.
Buy a bus pass that is a hop-on-hop-off. Cabs can be expensive.
Have gelato everyday!

gr8day, did you hear the word "Americano" in the tirade? lol
They must think we have no manners at all.

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