Looking for a cheap vacation...any ideas?

homersgardenMay 17, 2004

We have a buy one get one free deal on United airlines and are looking to go on a vacation at the end of June. We live in Portland, Oregon. We love to antique, go to historical places, etc. I like gardening, my husband loves sports. We are not outdoorsy people.

Any ideas of fun places we might visit? It would be my husband and I. We are willing to rent a car. We were thinking Boston or somewhere on the east coast.

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Boston is an ideal walking city, with ample public transportation in and out of the city. Many hotels are expensive, but you can find a good hotel for around $120. Sometimes less.

I noticed that you have a son. Boston has many things for kids, including the Children's Museum, the New England Aquarium, and the Science Museum. Boston Common has a nice playground and the Frog Pond, where kids can wade. The Public Garden has the swan boats, which you can ride.

Outside of Boston, there is Salem, which is focused on the witch trials but is also a longtime maritime city. It is reachable by commuter train from Boston's North Station. Using the same train, you can also go to Gloucester - the famous fishing town - and Rockport, with lots of shops on a wide pier jutting out into the harbor.

South of Boston is Plymouth and Cape Cod. It's only 90 minutes to the start of the Cape, or you can take a ferry ride from Boston to Provincetown. West of Boston are the revolutionary war battlefields of Lexington and Concord, along with Walden Pond, made famous by Thoreau.

If you decide to come here, feel free to e-mail me for other suggestions.

I did a quick search on a few places that are in Boston with reasonable prices. I know these hotels are in decent areas, but otherwise know nothing about them.

http://reservations.bostonhotelsandguide.com/cgi-bin/hotelinfo?SID=BTU&Dest=BOS&LKF=BTU&PROD=HOTEL+&DispCurr=USD&ITRK=dbP&qKey=KL181330501151&HtlId=BOS+SHAW&Smk=N - The Shawmut Inn

http://reservations.bostonhotelsandguide.com/cgi-bin/hotelinfo?SID=BTU&Dest=BOS&LKF=BTU&PROD=CONDO+&DispCurr=USD&ITRK=dbP&qKey=JU176573200962&HtlId=ZZ+11575&Smk=N - Oasis Guest House

- Chandler Inn

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A beach house is great on Fire Island Long Island we get one every year and pay 1600.00 for monday thru Friday the house is 3 houses off the ocean and is big we stay at Ocean Beach town

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New York City can't be beat. Whatever negative things you may have heard in years gone by don't apply in my opinion. I've reacquainted myself with it because my daughter left the Seattle area to attend NYU. It's truly amazing and welcoming.

My second choice would be New Orleans. Between the food, the culture, and the architecture, it's the closest you can get to foreign travel while still staying in the U.S.!

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Charleston has revolutionary war and civil war history. It's a beautiful southern city, has great indigenous food and the historic district is walkable.

Consider Williamsburg too. great city but maybe packed in summer.

I also agree that NYC cant be beat. rooms are less expensive in august as the natives leave for the beach, public transportaion is sublime and you go back as early as american history gets.

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I just returned from a trip to Philadelphia with my children and it was fabulous. I can't wait to return with my DH. We spent 5 days there and it wasn't nearly enough time. The historical sites were great, the food is incredible, the city is gorgeous and it is packed full of artwork (murals, sculptures, etc.) and music. Most of it is free or costs very little. We did the guided bus tour (unlimited 24 hour pass that you can hop on and off at various stops as much as you want) and loved it. We did the bus tour several times in that 24 hours because each tour guide told us something different about the town. We were expecting to enjoy the typical historical sites (the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, etc.), but also found several other interesting sites to tour like the Eastern State Penitentiary (built in 1820's and used until 1970's), Mutter Museum, and a tour of China Town complete with a tour of a fortune cookie factory. The Reading Terminal Market was a delicious place to go, as was many other restaurants we tried. If your DH is a sports nut, he'll love a baseball game there this summer. Their doing pretty good right. And, then there's always those awesome cheesesteaks.

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Washington DC? We had a great time there

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well I would suggest a few things for a cheap vacation idea. but my cheapest idea would be a nice family camping vacation. its fun, relaxing, and very inexpensive. camp grounds usually charge an average of 15 dollars a night.

Here is a link that might be useful: cheap vacation ideas

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I suggest going to Philippines in Boracay. Very beautiful beach. You can find cheap affordable hotels and resorts there.

Here is a link that might be useful: cheap affordable hotels and resorts

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You should visit Sojourn Vacation Rentals. It has one of the most beautiful and luxurious vacation property rentals all over the world wich is affordable to your budget that would fit your needs and provides you the best!

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