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heidi072964May 5, 2010

Hello, my mom is recently widowed and she loves to travel but does not want to travel alone. She is interested in finding some trips or tours for group travel. She is 70 years old and in good health. Some of her interests are a Danube River Cruise, Greece, Italy and Europe. If there are other single women out there interested in finding a travel partner, please respond.

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She may need to rethink having a travel companion. I was placed with people when I was younger and it worked out fine, but as I aged, it hasn't worked out at all. I went with my friend on 2 trips and that was the worst experience I've had. She got upset over the silliest things and expected me to be her personal secretary keeping up with scheduled events that I had no interest in going to. After that my tour agent fixed me up with someone and the lady had bleeding sores that soaked through her clothes, didn't upset me but it might someone else and she called me 3 or 4 times a day wanting to know where I was. It's more expensive to go alone, but that's my preference now.

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my mom did several trips but she found friends to go wuth whether they were single or not.
she did like this co. tauck tours...

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heidi, I will turn 71 this summer and am a traveler. I so would love do to the Daunbe cruise, done the Mediterranean, but would love to go again, etc. Lots of cruises under my belt.

I just checked Tauck tours and they have great ones. Two friends just got home after using them for a Danube cruise.

I'm from ALABAMA.

Would like to correspond somehow with you/your mother, but you don't have your email address on your profile and I don't either.

Maybe we can figure out something :o)

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