That time of the year for free discarded plants!

toxcrusadr Clay SoilJuly 1, 2013

Two of my nocturnal shopping spots - a well known smaller hardware store chain and a regional farm and home supply - ditch their remaining potted plants around the end of June. Last night I came home with 9 hanging baskets (everything from impatiens to dianthus) and about 3 dozen 3-4" pots including 13 Gerbera Daisies. Those retail for about $2.99 I think. Luckily the weather is unseasonably cool this week and I'll be able to get away with planting some of them even though it's late. Some will do well in porch pots or hanging as-is from the porch roof.

I also grab stacks of empty flats when I find them and donate them to a local nursery where I buy plants in the spring. I don't make anything off it but it keeps them out of the landfill.

Always take care when dumpster diving and leave the place cleaner than you found it.

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Sound like things will really be blooming around your home!! Way to go! I recycle everything I can think of. Guys looking for stuff in my trash every week go away empty handed!! Yes, always clean up, I do same on my street for 40 yrs, needs a little attention now but has been so hot & mom needs me. She's 91 now so do what comes 1st!! I put up shade cloth,(in back yard) bro put in 12 pipes( 1 ft long each)( little wider than 7 ft tall pipes that will go in them) in cement & let set up, Then he drilled holes in top of 7 ft. electrical pipes(lines usually go through them I think, cheaper than other pipe & lighter weight also. So then I attached 4 6 ft wide x 20 ft. lengths of shade cloth in light tan to match the house so lot of back yard is shaded so won't burn up with heat over 100 & not enough time to do any hand watering to speak of. Sure helps a lot.I saw heavy wire on tops of poles so you could adjust the shade or pull it back-that would be nice) I've done this for 4 summers & cuts back on my work & cost of water which is very high & also sewer is added on so doubles water bills even tho most is going in the ground not sewer. Made trellis to cover top of 2 small planters filled with moss roses, they like sun but suffer from the extreme temps. So they seem to be happy now. Hope everything does well for you!

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I love driving around and finding discarded plants and trees at the curb! I rescued 10 Aloe plants two weeks ago. I also rescued 4 Crepe Myrtle from Lowe's about 3 years ago. Love it!

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I should do this more. I worry that the store might not like it. Plants stay out longer due to our late planting time and summer people. I should look now.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

If they catch you, be polite and tell them you are just recycling. If they ask you to leave, do so promptly and politely. Never leave a mess.

I tend to go after hours so there's no one around, but one has to be mindful of safety as well.

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