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patty_cakesJuly 22, 2010

I've been 'gathering' old mirrors(not fancy framed ones) from thrift stores and am going to try to make a mirrored dresser by cutting pieces to fit on drawers/sides. My question is, do I need a special drill bit to drill the holes back for the handles? Also, how difficult is it to use glass cutting tools~this is something i've never done. TIA

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Cutting glass is tricky . There's no trick or shortcuts - it just takes practice. Before you start - google "how to cut glass" - there's a zillion sites & alot of videos to guide you through it. When I drill small holes in glass , I use a "Diamond hollow core drill" .. it looks like this (click on link ) I have to say your project isn't really a beginner project - but read up on it , practice on scrap window glass & before you know it , you'll be a whiz at it !

Here is a link that might be useful: diamond drill

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If you have problems with the diamond hollow core, check out the "Bosch tile and glass bit" I tried the diamond hollow core and had a difficult time controlling it, then found the Bosch bit...and had success- cut like butter. I needed a 7/8" size and orderded it from Granger...but they sell these same type bits in 1/4" to 3/4" sizes at some tile and big box stores...the bit's head is shaped like an arrow head, sorta.

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