Newport RI vs Ocean City MD (with kids)

calilooMay 12, 2003

I have been trying to talk DH into a (5 day) vacation in Newport RI and he is trying equally hard to talk me into going to Ocean City MD for 5 days. My kids are 2 & 5. Which has more activities that will keep everyone interested. The kids will do some sightseeing, but will eventually want a playground to run around.

Does anyone have recent experience taking kids to either location? We are not planning to spend the whole time on the beach so we are more interested in other activities.



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Your kids would have a ball on Ocean City's wide beaches and there are bike rentals to ride the boardwalk in the morning. There are lots of miniature golf and arcades and rides too. When my niece was small she was content to run and play in the surf and dig holes. There is plenty of public transportation but it is quite a busy place in the summer. I don't know much about Newport RI though, hopefully someone will help you out with that. South of OC is Assateague National park (MD version) if you want a less crowded place to retreat to. North of OC is Fenwick Island DE and the beaches there are undeveloped. It all depends on what you are looking for. Kathy_PA

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If you've already had your vacation by now, ignore this. Haven't been to RI, but have been to Ocean City on and off season, and not yet with kids (have a 2 year old). I'm trying to avoid ocean city until she's around 7. It is undoubtedly the "best beach for kids" because of 1) the wide beach 2) boardwalk and amusements 3) reasonably priced, etc. Not much culture there. But as mentioned, Assateague (remember Misty?) is a great place to teach ecology. But Ocean City can be a nightmare for parents--it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO crowded during the summer season. And most of the amusements wouldn't amuse my 2 year old (and your 5 year old?). But I know I'll have to go there, during the season, when she's older 'cause it's the place to go if you live in the DC area with kids.

If I were you, I'd go to RI and save Ocean City for a few years.

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