Baa Baa Black Sheep

sistersunnieJuly 3, 2007

Found these in my husbands shed. Used as shooting targets for years, then packed away. I was feeling very lonely for him so went sorting through his junk for something to put in the garden to remind me of him..... Thought these were perfect. Great rusty silhouettes- there at about a dozen, most sheeps, one little piggy. Anyway lined them up and noticed something I had never noticed daughter said she had shot at them for years and never noticed before. We had a great laugh, still do everytime I look in the garden..... See if you notice the difference between the two....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I see the difference! HOW FUNNY that both you & your daughter never noticed! Now, you need names. Shemp (my favorite Stooge) & Shirley, maybe? LOL

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I see it too Sunnie. I agree with Drewsmaga, you need to name them now

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Shirley just wouldnt work. One is a neutered male and the other an unneutered male. What were all three stooges names?

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OOPS -- didn't notice the neutering! The main Stooges were Larry, Curly & Moe. Shemp (Curly & Moe's brother) worked with Larry & Moe when Curly didn't. Then there was "Curly Joe" after Curly died --- but he didn't quite cut it. Then there was just "Joe" after Curly Joe, again, no chemistry. SOOOOO, if it's "Shemp" sheep for one, guess you'd want to go with Larry, Curly or Moe for the other.

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