Hot tub to fish pond?

postumJuly 28, 2005

Hi - I'm a newbie here - usually on the decorating forum. Anyhow, my koi are outgrowing their pond and I happened to notice on craigslist that quite a few people are giving away their old hot tubs. I want a pond that is ground-level. Do you think if I dug a hole and plunked one of these in it would work? I'd scavenge some bricks/gravel/slate for a border around the pond.

Also - anyone know how much a hot tub weighs? Won't be cost effective if I have to hire three guys to move it...



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I think it would make a great fish pond.

But regarding weight, it depends if the people are giving away only the shell, or the pumps and supporting equipment too, including the frame. Usually the shell sits on a deck in a wooden frame (if freestanding), plus you have pumps and a heater, and wires and tubing.

I think it would require at least 2 guys just to handle the shell part.

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