What is a good brand of luggage for business travel?

Ginny_CaMay 16, 2003

My daughter needs to buy a large piece of luggage for business travel. What brands are the best? Thanks

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My husband has a off brand, which serves him fine. I don't think brands make too much difference, look and see the way it is contructed and guarantees. Also if she is flying, a large piece may not work. Sometime a middle size is better with a good selection of traveling clothes. He takes one medium size and a large carry on. Be sure and keep one change of clothes and any presptions in the carry on along with any travers checks. If she goes overseas, leave all credit cards, except what she really needs at home and a list of of numbers with you. She will not need a cell phone, but can email most anyone depending on the provider. If my husband had called me from china, it would have been 25.00 per min, but could emai me free.
Good luck.

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We are very happy with the Tumi that we have. Used to have Samsonite when I was doing a lot of business travel. It really didn't hold up well, but what I disliked the most was how the piece with wheels wouldn't roll well when full. I had to make sure the weight was at the bottom or the whole thing would tip over while I was pulling it through the airport. I've never had that problem with my Tumi. My husband has a Tumi briefcase that he's had for 7 or 8 yrs. He carries the equivalent of a full filing cabinet in it and the bag looks like new; no fraying.

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Brand doesn't matter.

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I love the Tumi but am looking for something a bit lower in price since my office will cover a set amount. I saw the Wenger (aka Swiss Army Knife) and Kenneth Cole Reaction cases on wheels, both of which were nice and on sale. The Wenger had a single telescopic pole, which seemed easy to handle but my DH wondered if it might be more prone to break. The KC has a 10-year warranty and has a bit more storage; both are made out of ballistic nylon...any advice or experience with either one of these? TIA!

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travel Pro, you can purchase on Magellan's online

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For what it's worth, many airline pilots and flight attendants use the Travel Pro brand. I found a carry-on-sized bag at TJ Maxx for about $70.00. Well worth it for the quality and durability.


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