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christy2828April 25, 2007

Here we come!! August 25 - September 1st. Any suggestions, or ideas on things to do? Something highly recommended?? Let me know!! Thanks :) Christy

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My husband and i went without the kids about 4 years ago. The highlight of the trip we thought was Silver Dollar city. It is a theme park and water park. Its a little educational so you would see wood working,pottery making and other crafts that were done in the 1880's. The very best part is you get to see the Marvel Cave. It was the best cave we have ever seen. It is huge! If you are with small children dont worry, its not alot of hiking. You walk down in the cave taking the tour and you take a cable train back up. Be sure to check it out. You wont regret it.

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I guess I am the only one who hates Branson. Oh well, I can live with that. LOL

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Silver Dollar City is on the list, and so are the caves. What about some of the shows? Anything a must see? Thanks! Christy

And nanabek is spam, if you can't tell :)

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We just got back from a family trip to Branson (we go a lot). We stayed in a house on Tablerock lake, which was fun and nice to avoid the traffic. Shoji Tabuchi (sp?) is a great show. I've also heard the Titanic Museum is great, but haven't been. Of course, Silver Dollar City is great. If you go after 3:00pm, you get in the next day free. This year, we drove about 1 hour south and rented canoes and floated down the Buffalo River and it was incredibly beautiful. If you like to shop, go past downtown to a new area called Branson Landing. Kind of upscale shopping, but very quaint. Fireworks at night and a Bass Pro Shop if that's your thing. Have fun.

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I will be in Branson just before you.I normally go in July.But decided to hold off and let the kids get back in school.Less crowded but I find out many of the shows will be shut down while im there the 20th thru 25th.Like Presleys but I have been to Branson many times so thats OK with me.

If you like Country and im sure you do? Other wise why go to Branson unless your a Andy Williams type LOL.If Presleys will be there during your stay put them on your list.Best show in Branson in my opinion.Next BaldKnobbers and Jim Stafford,Tony Roie the Elvis impersonator is good.The Hughes brothers and many more you will not see a bad show in Branson.Unless your in your 20's or your very old.

Dont let the 76 strip get you stuck in traffic like most do.Get a map and study it.You can go from the RFD theater to Walmart very quickly if you get on the alternate route and cut through the Grand palace parking lot by the Dairy Queen and little tricks like that.Its amazing so many think you have to drive the strip when there are roads with very few cars on them.These roads were not there in 1991 when I first went to Branson.

Watch out for Shiggers at Silver dollar city.Dont sit on rail road ties.Take a cooler and keep it in your trunk unless you like being ripped off for drinks and food at parks like that.Its worth going to the parking lot for a tail gaters picnick.I like the cave there and thats about it.I like the air conditioned theaters better then a hot sweaty day in a fun park.

If you like to shop there is a lot of that in Branson.Factory outlet stores that claim to have bargains.I have not found any except the Redwing shoe store.But be careful there factory seconds and some shoes fit funny.Many like to shop while on vacation.I feel I can do that at home.I buy the show tickets and keep my wife busy with that and keep her in the dark when it comes to shopping its cheaper.

The Roy Rodgers museum is worth it and I will be checking out the Titanic museum this time also.There are other things like that but for what they charge I put my money toward theater tickets.Takes a few hours at the shows I can go through a museum in 10 minutes and alway walk out smarter and wiser about throwing my money away.

Lots of good place to eat in Branson.Dockers or the Plantation or the Buffet at the 76 mall are my favorites.There are fast food places but do your self a favor and try the local family owned places.Might as well walk away full from a $6.95 all you can eat buffet.Rather then ordering the number 3 $5.95 Mc Yuck burger you can get any place any day of the year.

There are motels for under $50.00 in Branson and clean nice places at that.

If you have time and want to save some money.Let one of the Time share outfits get you some free or discounted tickets.You just go to a morning 2 or 3 hour siminar about buying into the time share property.They even give you breakfast sometimes.They show you around and try to pressure you to spend thousands on a time share place you get to use one week out of a year.I just say why would I do that when a motel is $50.00.I get my free or discounted tickets and leave them standing there with a deer in the head light look.If they get smart with me I tell them they should consider a real line of work.Works every time and you can save lots of money if you go to one a day.

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Soji, is the only entertainer I have asked for an autograph. He is fabulous and a lot of people agree with my opinion. The man makes a million a month or did when I saw him interviewed.

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Has anyone seen Dixie Stampede?

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Okay, we've taken our week vacation! We were there from August 25 to September 1st, and I'm glad we chose this time of year. It was not their peak season, and there was little to no traffic. Also, the weather was perfect! Not too hot, not too cold, and one day it was slightly overcast. So I thought I'd share my experience in Branson.

The first day we did the 'Ride the Ducks' tour. It was fun, I had heard that they give traffic short cuts, but not this guide. They did take us up a scenic mountain, and then drove it into Table Rock Lake. It was pretty, the jokes were dry, and the kids had fun. Later that day we did the Titanic museum, which was very interesting, and nice and cool inside. Allow for at least 2 hours to get through it. We also had lunch at the Plantation, sorry johndeere :) but that was the worst buffet I ever had, I felt lucky to have survived the meal!

The next day we did the Butterfly Farm. I'd highly recommend this, especially with kids. There was a short 3D film, and then you could walk into the Butterfly Garden. After that they had a bug room, with some interesting creepy crawlers. And then they had a mirror maze that they recommend having the kids guide you out of :) Apparently they're better at it, but my toddler kept running into the mirror. Then we napped the baby and grilled out at the Palace View Resort by Spinnaker where we stayed. We had an indoor pool, outdoor pool, toddler pool and hot tub, so we relaxed and swam that night.

The third day we went to Silver Dollar City. Which was closed. So, if you are planning a vacation to Branson, check the black out dates!! Not like Disney, Silver Dollar City closes periodically through the year. So instead we went to the Wings of the World at the Talking Rocks Cavern. There are a lot of exotic birds in cages throughout, with information about them. Also, you can feed them at specific feeding times, just check the chart for times and types of birds that will be feeding. There is also a magic show, which was entertaining, especially for the kids. If you volunteer to be in the show, they did give 'cash' for the gift shop, and free tickets to the Butterfly Farm. You can also take pictures with some of the birds after the show. In the gift shop you can buy tickets to a tour of the cavern as well, which is basically beneath the store. The tour was very good, and takes about 45 minutes. Make sure you wear good shoes, the tour goes strait down and strait back up, with wet and different sized stairs that gets narrow at times. Also, you can get discounts by visiting the Butterfly Farm, the Talking Rocks Cave, the Wings of the World, and a fourth that I cannot recall. Just keep your receipts and look for the coupon (I got mine at the Butterfly Farm with my receipt).

The fourth day we hit the Stone Hill Winery, very good, nice free little tour. Cute little gift shop as well. We ate at Waxy O' Shea's Irish Restaurant in downtown Branson. Fantastic food, I very highly recommend this restuarant. It is located in downtown Branson called Branson Landing. FANTASTIC!!!! There are tons of cute shops, restaurants, and gorgeous landscaping, incredible view of Lake Taneycomo, and a beautiful fountain. The fountain and music play all day, at night it has lights above and below the water. And on the hour, in the lake is a 'show' with water, fire, and lights played to music. I read that the same folks who did the Bellagio fountain in Vegas made this one. We sat at the Mexican restaurant and had half price margarita's on Thursday night.

The fourth day we rented a pontoon boat at the marina for four hours. We also rented a tube, and a jetski. Lots of fun, it wasn't too hot, the prices were right. The water wasn't even cold, but if it is I assume they rent wetsuits. It's (Table Rock Lake) a very deep lake, and you can also Scuba dive. There is supposed to be an underwater town called Oasis that you can dive and also an Enchanted Oak Tree forest. Just what I read, I don't scuba :) Later that night we had a 2 hour dinner cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle. The food was decent, no booze, though. You have dinner and a host, and then you're allowed to walk the ship for about 20 minutes. Then you go back for the show. It was pretty good, I thought the Russian acrobats were the best. There was also a ventriloquist, and some singing and dancing. Use your active military discount on this one, tickets were $50.00 dollars marked down to $25.00!!!

Friday Silver Dollar City was opened again, so we went there. I've been before and liked it. Lots of shopping so wear some comfy shoes. They also have several roller coasters which were AWESOME (according to my husband). There is also a kids ride section, and a kids get wet section. In the guest shop, you can buy tickets to Marvel Cave, which I've done before years ago, but we didn't get to go this time. All in all a very nice trip, and I'm not much into country and have a toddler so the dinner shows were pretty much out of the question.

One thing to remember, EVERYONE WANTS A TIP!!!!! Tour guides, magicians, boat gas pumpers and dockers, everyone. so, make sure you have cash on you, that is if you feel like tipping :) Thanks! Christy


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We are going to meet up with family there the 28th of December this year. There are a couple places that will have shows. Should we get the tickets now since there are not many shows active then, or will it be quiet enough that we could get them at the last minute?

thanks, cocooner

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I have been to Branson many times, since I do not live far away from there. I have always wanted to parasail, so this year at 72+, I crossed off that item from my bucket list. FANTASTIC experience! Got to the state marina on Table Rock to do this.

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