Pictures please? Show me your paneled DW in inset cabinets?

ppbennMay 12, 2013

I'm needing some pictures to show my cabinet maker. Also what is your make, model and are you in love with it?
Thank you so much.

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Let me caution you against Kitchen Aid. The KA panel-ready dishwasher I bought was too deep for the panel to sit flush with my cabinets. There are possible fixes to deal with it (especially if you recognize the problem in advance, which I did not), but if I had it to do over I would not buy a KA panel-ready dishwasher.

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Thank you Arlington. I was planning on a KA and we had planned on pulling the sink run out from the wall to accommodate the KA DW. My Cab guy is hesitant to do the panel with inset cabs, and I need to show him some real life success pictures.
I have googled and searched here and on houzz and have found only 2littlefishes FAB cabinets.

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Here's ours, I don't know if you call these "Inset cabinets" or not.

We have the "Semi-integrated Miele Optima DW".

After spending a "ton of extra money" for the Miele, we wanted the panel to show, so some of our "friends & Neighbors" did not mistake it for a Kenmore!

You can buy fully integrated ones should you desire to play the game, "Where's the Dishwasher".


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Miele, love it and highly recommend

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Links to pictures of integrated dishwasher below. IKEA's integrated dishwasher, made by Whirlpool, looks very good in their showrooms.
google image: ikea integrated dishwasher

Here is a link that might be useful: integrated dishwashers

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Here's a not so great picture of our paneled KitchenAid's to the left of the sink. It's a KUDE48....our panel is flush with the rest of the cabinets, but we also had custom cabinets, and I gave the dimensions of the dishwasher to the designer. I can check what our cabinet depth is. Also, we now have a piece of toe kick velcro's to the black cover below the dishwasher so it doesn't stand out as much. If you'd like a close-up picture, let me know and I can take one for you. We love having the panel, and we like the dishwasher so far!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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swhtech: sorry for the hijack, but we're getting the KUDE48 as well. Can you tell me what dimensions you used for the toe kick that you velco'd to the cover? I want to do that as well, but don't have the DW yet. Also, do you have any issues with the side vent causing condensation, etc?


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Other than babushka_cat's, none of the photos or links shown so far illustrate what the OP has requested, which is an integrated, paneled dishwasher together with INSET cabinets.

I am surprised that you were unable to find any photos on Houzz. I found quite a few. Some of them are done very well, while others are not done so well.

Spaces by Wellesley Kitchen And Bath Divine Kitchens LLC

Spaces by Wellesley Kitchen And Bath Divine Kitchens LLC

Traditional Kitchen by Charlotte Design-build Advanced Renovations, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen by Seattle Kitchen And Bath Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

Traditional Kitchen by Millersburg Cabinets Mullet Cabinet

Traditional Kitchen by Seattle General Contractor Gaspar's Construction

Contemporary Kitchen by Boston Interior Designer Su Casa Designs

Traditional Kitchen by Atlanta Interior Designer Carter Kay Interiors

Traditional Kitchen by Charleston Architect Frederick + Frederick Architects

Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Design-build Architrave Design and Remodeling, Inc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishwashers with inset cabinets

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The colors are a little too saturated compared to real life, but these photos show our inset cherry cabinetry with the integrated dishwasher.

We opted for the one of the more basic Asko dishwashers with the controls hidden on the upper panel as shown:

Hope this helps you some.

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We have paneled dishwashers - GE Fully Integrated - on either side of the sink base in the island. We did have to make the space deeper to allow the panel to be flush with the other cabinets.

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We LOVE our Bosch 800 Plus DW : )

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Thank you, thank you, thank you all! Especially VanillaCottage for all the houzz pics. I was trying to search on my phone but couldn't get much to show up.
Everyone's DW look great and I'm not sure what the issue is with the cabinet maker. He has all the boxes and frames made but put two feet on the right side drawer cab next to the DW. I would like the DW to have a left foot and the drawer base to the right to have the right foot so they look like one cabinet. That's part of the issue.
Also I was going with the KA model in the 5th picture Vanilla posted and we do have to pull the cabs forward for this.
He doesn't like KA? Has only done paneled Viking DW? Not sure, but wanted to show him real life photos from my GW friends. This helps a lot. Thank you.
I have not purchased any appliances yet but the range hood. This build is taking us SO LONG I would have run out the warranties if I bought them already but I guess I have to get the DW.
My DW hang ups are:
has to dry plastic and anything else I put in
don't have patience for the silverware clippy tray on top
I don't use more than one cycle ever anyway
has to wash well enough that my DH doesn't prewash
It looks to me like any of the fully integrated panel DW can look well done depending on the cabinet makers abilities. My cabinet maker does a nice job with everything that I have seen so far. But I have not seen painted inset from him. The frames and beading look good so far and he has this attention to detail that I like, ie the DW issues.
I take it everyone who posted loves their DW?

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Babushka and Fishes show another element that my cabinet maker needs to know- how to make the panel look like it is part of the cabinet. Babushka has the solution within her door panel and Fishes has a cabinet spacer to the left of her panel. That's what I needed pics on also.
Also the Feet thing. I need the Velcro panel toe kick but the left side has to have a foot. He doesn't like that because there would be a noticeable seam.
So he would rather see the feet (both) only on the drawer cab to the right. And the DW would have no feet.

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We used fisher paykel extra tall dish drawers on either side. I love love love them, No more bending down. I usually run one a day so no more stinky dishes sitting around.

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ratrem how I wish I would have plumbed for the dish drawers...sigh.
swhtech Does your KA dry plastic? Do you know how deep your cabinets had to be for the KA? I love your floor by the way, nice choice with the counter stone.

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Doonie your cabinetry is gorgeous! Do you like the asko DW?
I love your floors, Travertine? Are you happy with the floors? drifted my own thread...

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Swhteck. Love your countertops! What is is?

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@rkb21: The piece for the dishwasher is a little different than the rest of the toe kick. Our real toe kick is 3/4" x 4", but at the bottom of the dishwasher the black cover is 3" high, and then it sort of tilts back. I happen to have extra molding from the cabinets that was 3/4" x 3", so I had it cut to fit the width, and they had to bore out the back a little where the plastic screw caps are that hold the cover in place, and then we just velcro'd it to the black cover. You can see the seams where it meets the other toe kick, but it's better than seeing black. It seemed to me that a 4" toe kick might interfere with the function of the door, but I don't know that for sure. So far, we have been very happy with the issues with the side vent causing condensation on the cabinet.

@island: Thank you very much....our countertops are called "waterfall". I have a thread which follows my kitchen renovation from the beginning, and there are more pics in there of the countertops....see the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Renovation

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@ppbenn, Thank you! The cabinetry is Plain and Fancy in cherry wood. And you are right! The floors are Travertine, which hide a lot due to the color variations. Yeah!

The Asko is one of the base models. It works well and runs quietly. I always leave it on the auto setting. We do like to scrape off our dishes before putting them in, so I can't say how well it would do with out that prerinse. Our cabinet pulls didn't have a coordinating appliance pull, so I went ahead a chose a fairly basic looking longer pull that we've been happy with.

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swhtech: Thanks for the info! Very helpful. Glad to know that you have been happy with the DW.

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Doonie thanks for the info on the asko I'm not that familiar with the brand but have to get A DW soon as Cabinet maker needs the info.
Swhtech too thanks for the info on the KA DW that was my original pick

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Doonie - I also have the Asko DW and its not installed Properly because my granite installer refused to top mount it to the counter. Please tell me how yours is secured.

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Here is my asko dw with inset cabinetry.

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