things to see/do in Maine

zekeApril 6, 2005

Does anybody have some experience with vactioning in Maine ??

if so what time would be the best time of year to go ??

( winter probably would not be the time to go ) .

i have been contemplating a family vaction to that particular state for awhile ,and would like to hear on what all there is to do and see .


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Hi Zeke!
I grew up on the coast of Maine.
Maine is unquestionally beautiful, that's why millions of people flock there each summer, why the rich & famous own 2nd homes there and why the natives seldom leave. They don't call it vacationland for nothing!
Unless you ski, love the cold and snow, closed shops and empty streets-do not go in the winter!
Summer is the time to visit Maine. Along with it's scenic beauty, the cool sea breezes are a tonic for those who live in summer climates that are hot.
You mention fishing on your page--all the tourist oriented coastal towns have lots of deep sea fishing opportunities,although maybe too long of a trip out for your little ones. There are lots of good tour boat trips that are shorter.
I recommend Camden/Rockport area, Boothbay Harbor, and Bar Harbor. If you want beach you need to visit the southern coast--York, Ogunquit,Wells, Old Orchard Beach. The rest of the Maine coast is rocky. If you want to go swimming-be aware that the ocean in Maine never warms up! Kids
don't seem to mind, though.
Though I've never been, I've always been told that inland,
the Moosehead Lake area is beautiful. I don't think it's an area to find any attractions, but those who love nature and more quiet love it.
Whatever your interests, Maine is a fun and beautiful place to vacation.
*If you do go to ME, make sure your 13 year old sees the movie, "Sara, Plain & Tall" with Glenn Close. She plays a woman from the coast of Maine who moves to Iowa as a mail order bride.

*If you ever plan a fall vacation, come see us in New Hampshire, the foliage is breathtaking!


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Hey Laurie ,
you mean to say that the rich and shameless
havent ran all the locals out ?? :-)
i have heard that the locals can be a salty bunch ??
the deep sea fishing sounds like fun , i have alawys wanted to do some of that ,what kinds of fish are found off the coast ??
also the cool sea breeze sounds mighty inviting
are the coasts relativly quiet ??
and are there opportunities for shell hunting ??
and also you have piqued my curosity even more with the foliage in N.H. .
i would like to hear about N.H. also if it isnt too much trouble .
hope i havent asked too many questions ??

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?'s -- no trouble, at all.

The rich & shameless are rarely seen as they own private, ocean front property--the locals do not have the pleasure of living on ocean front property. The locals can hold their own with these guys, too. Love this story: Billy Joel & Christy Brinkley came off their yacht and into to town. They went into the local hardware store (run by the family of one of my schoolmates). Being summer it was very busy in the store. BJ grew impatient and said to the
owner something to the effect, "Don't you know who I am? I'm BJ and I'm in a hurry." The owner replied, "Well I'm Suzie Smith* and you'll have to wait your turn!"

I grew up with one of the "salty bunch." My step-father worked his whole life in a shipyard owned by the father of a well-known Maine humorist. He (the humorist) got much of his material from hanging around the guys at "the yard."
Being a farmer from Iowa I don't think you'll have any problems. It's the pushy, impolite attitude of the tourists (mostly from a certain Northeast state--the one with the big city where BJ hails from)that offend the natives. The towns where the tourists flock are relatively small towns, with small town attitudes that get swamped with thousands of folks from all of the country for 3 months every year. Imagine having that many houseguests for 3 months every year. Just treat the locals and their towns and their beloved state as you would like a houseguest in your home to act & you will find that Mainers are warm, good-hearted people.

Deep sea fishing: I'm not sure of all that they catch. I know they catch tuna and bass.
The locations I mentioned previously are definetly NOT quiet in the summer. They are the major tourist destinations. If you want to go in the summer and want quiet you could find a place to stay in one of the touristy towns and then take day trips to the pennisulas in between the ones I mentioned. They are beautiful as well and it's always fun to stop and explore. It's fun to climb around on the rocks. Shell hunting is not a Maine thing. There are lots of shells, but they are all clams, mussels & periwinkles. To get the pretty shells you have to go to more tropical climates. Still, the kids love to bring their pails and collect them. They always love to pick up some of the bazillion rocks on the shore and skim them across the water or just throw them and watch them plop! Grownups love this, too. Be sure and bring those water shoes for everyone. Sure wish they had those things when I was a kid (keds can awfully heavy when wet!).
Some folks, mainly those without kids in school, choose to visit Maine after Labor Day. Stuff is mostly still open and it is very quiet. If you came to NE in October it is do-able to explore the southern coast of Maine and the foliage in NH's White Mountains. You would probably need a couple of x-tra day to allow for some of the driving.
No more than 3, 4 hrs. The Maine coast has beautiful fall foliage as well. Folks flock to the mountains of NH & VT in October because the peaks and streams are breathtaking,
but the foliage in October is beautiful any where in NE in the fall. What kinds of activities do the rest of your family enjoy?
My husband grew up in RI and his family' still there, I grew up in Maine and my family's still there, we have lived in Southern NH for 20+ years, my husband works an hour's drive away in Massachusetts (has for 20 years), so we are true New Englanders.
What's Iowa like? I'm always interested in different landscapes and cultures.

Hope you can visit NE!

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Oh, I LOVE coastal Maine. It's been years since we've been there bacause we started a business and have yet to get time off!

Our town of choice is Cape Porpoise next to Kennebunk. It is very laid back, and it has a wonderful lobster restaurant. All we needed was right there, books, lobster and wine.


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Loved bar habor Maine!

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Listen to Laurie, she has it all in a nut shell,, or a Lobster Shell,,, Please,, don't forget to pig out on the best Lobster in the world,, and do get a Lobster Roll also,, to die for! Maine is a beautiful state.. heck , our Presidents parents have a place there!

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There is a Shaker Village in Maine that has the last living Shakers living there. We took a tour and it was very interesting. They sell their own spices and honey.

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Pemaquid Point (where the lighthouse is located) is awesome... It is a massive area of rock with lots of opportunities for exploring. A restaurant is there overlooking the cliffs. New Harbor is nearby and is a quaint fishing village. The drive along the eastern side of the peninsula from Pemaquid Pt. through New Harbor and up the coast a bit is lovely.

There are boat trips to Monhegan Island from Rockland, Boothbay Harbor, & Pemaquid. This is a very rustic island with a lot of walking and some incredible views...

About an hour or so north of Portland is Bailey Island. You're able to drive over an amazing bridge to reach it. It's very quiet and lovely with a beautiful fishing village nestled in a cove near the end of the island. The popular Cook's Restaurant is there, also.

A google search turned up some amazing photos by R. Todd King. Check them out. He takes you right up the coast to Bar Harbor with his collection of shots.

You will love Maine...

Here is a link that might be useful: lovely photos

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I had an opportunity about 3 yrs. back to make a trip up to the New Hampshire area and then actually took a day trip up along the Maine Coast, York, Ogunquit, etc. and absolutely fell in love with it. I haven't been able to get the area out of my mind since I was there. Just reading all of these posts makes we want to go back so bad. Of all things we are heading to Disney the first week of October, for which my grandaughter is very greatful, but if I had my druthers, I'd head back to this area. Trust me, if you go anywhere in that area, you won't be sorry!


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