Budget vacation for large family (4 young kids)

shw104April 2, 2013

Hi everyone...

I'm looking for budget and family friendly ideas for a summer vacation. Our kids are 7, 5, 3 and 3. We live near Washington DC and our budget is tight. We don't easily fit into a normal hotel but it's not out of the question. Since the kids (esp the youngest) are fairly young... it's overly difficult but not impossible to get away.

Any suggestions or advice?

Thanks everyone...

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My family and my sister's family loved the outdoors so we camped. We started out tent camping then as we could afford it moved up to a tent trailer. I had a trailer type camper in California but my favorite was a tent trailer. You may not care for camping but if you do it's much cheaper in the long run. We belonged to a camper's club and had winter meetings in the winter. We camped for 15 years.

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great idea... we loved camping before we had kids.... been out once or twice when we only had two. haven't ventured out with all 4 yet. hoping to do so this year. Thanks for the idea. I'll have to look into a camper's club... never heard of that..


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Take food that is easy to prepare, don't worry about "healthy food" for a week. LOL Some places you can have an open fire so take marshmallows. This brings back such good memories.

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