OH NOOOOOOO my budget is doomed!

grandmathymeJuly 12, 2009

I haven't been here for about a week, but have spent the last hour catching up on the posts. I am SO filled with excitement over all the new and exciting projects you have all been up to!

THEN what happened? My daughter called to ask if I wanted to go to Goodwill with her and maybe stop by a few yard sales on the way. SHEESH! Like she didn't know what my answer would be!!! Wish me luck!

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Have fun !! Be sure & Show us your goodies !

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Hope you snagged some great treasures!! Pics, please!! Jan

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Well, my budget is safe for another day. A major downpour started, so we didn't stop at any yard sales. We went to Joann Fabrics and I bought these 2 ceramic finials. I put them on either side of the walkway up to my front faucet to keep the hose from being dragged through plants. I think they were $6 each...I put them over rebar pounded into the ground and they're quite heavy, so they should work!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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They look great, and practical too.

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