foggyjApril 2, 2006

I became fasinated with everything Egypt, after having been there. This was my husband's trip of a lifetime. I'm glad I got to go along!

yes, the camel ride was one of my highlights. Seeing desert for almost 360 degrees is fantastic. Puts you in another world.

We were told, since the tourists killings, there are "tourist police" EVERYWHERE. And under cover. All these years they just sit around and watch for something to happen. They make us tourists feel safe if nothing else, and I'm sure deter problems.

I've become more interested in how Muslims live. It's such a different world.

Wish this site were more alive. It's a good place to share info, as sable did. Thanks for that.

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Foggy - I also wish this forum were more lively. With iVillage forums being so generally active and talkative, I expected to read a lot here. DH and I only travel by car around the American West now, as I can no longer fly, but I love reading about other people's adventures, and sharing ideas where I can.

Am so glad that you rode your camel. You won't ever forget that! What else did you do? Did you visit the Cairo Museum, with those fabulous artifacts from the days of the pharoahs? It was dirty and not very well kept-up when I visited, but still amazing.

When I was there, terrorism directed at tourists was not happening, so no guards anywhere. I was initially nervous, as I'd been spending the summer doing research in Israel, but people were very kind and hospitable for the most part.

A very fine classic book you might like is The Arab Mind, by Raphael Patai. It's not just about Egypt; it's a basic analysis of the Muslim world.

Enjoy your memories.

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Thanks for the suggested reading. I'll look for that book.

Yes, went to the museum. It's still dirty. Actually, everything is dirty. It's not good to be going into, (I think the Red pyramind) and see trash all along the stair-railing. There was trash flying all around the pyramids at Giza. Of course, the street vendor areas are really gross with trash, and where there are animals, there's evidence. (Know what I mean?) I was surprised that there wasn't more attention paid to that, where they take tourists.
We were taken to all the tourists location points to sell things. For instance, the Papryus Institute. After the demonstration, you're given your order form. Then to the Carpet Institute. Then to the Alabaster demonstration area, then gift shop. On and on.
Sanitation is not high on the priority list there.

The friendliness of the people almost made up for it though. Very nice people everywhere. I don't count the people tourists come in contact with, as they are in the service business and are supposed to be nice. I see the people interact with each other, and they are so social and nice to each other.

We've traveled around the West over the years. Some beautiful places here too!

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