What to do with tons of costume jewellery

grammaticusJuly 8, 2006

I've had loads of fun turning trash into treasure, but this one has me stumped! I have a huge amount of really trashy costume jewellery; beads, brooches, chains, earrings - you name it. Any ideas?

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I once had some vases that had been covered in clay and then costume jewelry was pressed into it like a mosaic. You could also do a bowling ball with them instead of the usual broken dishes and pennies.

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One of my hobbies is beading and jewelry design... I like to take apart old pieces and recombine them into new items... one idea is to make collage brooches/pins using a mix of old parts... I took apart an old pair of clip on earrings and used the crystals and pearls to make my bridal necklace and earrings...

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I saw a picture of a Xmas tree covered with these taken apart things, the tree was a tabletop tree, and necklaces for garlands, etc., guess one would have to use the imagination there! I think it was on the Web somewhere, but can't remember anymore.

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Oh, lucky you! Get yourself a framed mirror and glue them all around the frame then, for a cohesive look, use acrylics in old gold, antique silver, and brass and paint the pieces. I try to really pile on the jewelry (sometimes forming a base with foil)to give it some depth. What I love about doing this is that it can very much be a project that is ongoing as you collect more jewelry to fill the frame. I have also many times added "found objects" like nuts, bolts, screws, coins, small plastic toys, chains, etc. Have one hanging near my kitchen door and it is an attention getter!

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the grandkids and I use them for our stepping stones. they love creating their masterpieces !!
good luck and happy creating

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I saw a lady at a craft fair once that Recycled old tacky jewelry. She glued odd pieces together and made really pretty pins and earrings .... people were buying her creations like crazy !

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I have seen a wall picture that was covered with green felt then all pieces of jewlery was glued in Christmas tree shape. It was absolutly gorgeous.I'll try to find it for you.

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Hi Everyone,
A work caution here. Please remember that some of the old costume jewelry is highly collectable and worth $$$.
Especially rhinestone items and pieces that are signed.
You might want to do a little research before put glue on the pieces or take the backs off pins etc.
Best wishes,

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Try something like this. I glued with silcone glue,,all my old jewelry and then grouted it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Mabye you could attach different lengths of chain to the flashier pieces and hang them from tree branches. I like sparkle in my yard :)

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Suzysparklesalot is correct! Check out what you have before you do anything. I sold a brooch that was my grandmothers that was really ugly rhinestone thing on eBay and believe it or not, it sold for $93! And to think I was gonna trash it!
Donna in Florida

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i have fixed a x-mas tree covered with asst.jewlry . my aunt has one done with all silver jewelry. my next project is to cover a hobby horse with jewels . i am saving all the junk jewelry i can find.

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I have some old broken pieces of my grandmothers that I'm going to glue magnets to the back of and make refrigerator magnets and a few for the filing cabinet in my office. I always loved digging thru her jewelry box when I was little and this way I will get to see some of the things daily. ~Anj

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YOu can donate your jewery to some theate clubs they would take them..
but chec kout some of them they may be worth money. .or sell some on ebay..i had good luck selling I sold my mother-in-law on ebay..well traded her...

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Definitely check them out to see if they are signed or otherwise valuable.Several years ago my daughter and I bought some costume jewelry. We paid $4.00 for one of the brooches and sold it for $1200.00.I had no idea it could be worth that much.

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I pinned old brooches and earrings to the front of a simple black satin bag and turned it into a stunning evening bag.

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I have covered small lamp shades with old jewellery. The look is great.

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Remember the Boyfriend Jacket? Take a man's suit jacket that fits you and layer on the pins, etc. You may want to just stick to one kind- say rhinestones on a black jacket. Finish up with a vintage lace handkerchief tucked into the front breast pocket.

I once saw a TV show about weird cars- a man's wife passed away, leaving a ton of costume jewelry. He epoxyed it onto her cadillac, compleletly covering the car in her jewels.

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Hello Everyone, Oh my gosh, all those wonderful wonderful ideas for jewelry. My head is spinning. I just love this site.

I'm sure grammaticus, that whatever you decide to do it will be beautiful, so please post your project when the decision is made. I would love to see your creativity.

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This is a link to the Garden Junk Forum of a bowling ball decorated with jewelry by Justpam, who passed earlier this year. She certainly had an eye; maybe this will give you some inspiration.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jewelry on Bowling Ball

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I am looking for directions for a table top type jeweled christmas tree. YOu use a fabric background on board with holes drilled for christmas lights; then create a christmas tree with jewelery. I saw only earlier but can't find it now; plus I need directions on how to glue stuff on

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Hi from a newbie. I've lurked on these forums for a long time and finally registered. My sister-in-law took a shadowbox frame and lined it with velvet and pins the jewellery inside. It is a fabulous display, plus she can easily change things around if she needs to.

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That sounds really beautiful-- it totally turns them into art!


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Some magazine this month (Real Simple?) just showed brooches used as fridge magnets. Just take the pin off and attach magnets.

I like the idea of adding it to a plain handbag, too.

Lastly, I've seen some folks glue them to hairclips.

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Don't forget what Ivana Trump showed she did during a TV special of her Miami house a couple of years ago. She had so many diamond pins that she wanted people to see them, so she put several on the top left side of wing-backed chairs. It looks great.

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I am collecting costume jewelry and old jewelry boxes. I found a neat craft for using old jewelry. An antique shop had an old jewelry box with old jewelry glued all over it using craft glitter glue. Of course, I had to buy it. All colors, shapes and sizes are used including chains. I displayed it in my bedroom on top of my antique sewing machine.

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