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sistersunnieJuly 2, 2007

lately I am finding alot of crib rails/sides. Some newer some older. They seem like really neat wooden things with potential so I snag them (no cost!) Any way this weekend I used one on its end as a trellis in a planter box (screwed it to the base), will be fastening two at a 90 degree and adding balisters for a fence to protect my well cap. Thought about using one as a pot rack, a towel rack and even in the shop with s hooks and a wall rack for whatever. After this I run out of ideas, how about you all?

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side rail, sideways against a wall as a towel, or quilt rack.
I use the spindles for various projects.
I've made a bench out of the end of one. See link below.
Possibilities are endless with old cribs.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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