Your opinion on using a plastic frame

toomuchglassApril 12, 2012

I'm gathering up supplies to make the Harley mosaic for my online friend that she comissioned.I went to the Goodwill & found the PERFECT frame for it . It's a large oval - I was on cloud 9 !!!

I got home and gave it some thought . For some reason , my brain never registered that it was hard plastic. I was thinking how light this would be to hang & how I could repaint the frame and add ball chain or fancy Harley stuff. My brain was in overdrive .

Now I'm wondering , do you think a "re-made" plastic frame would cheapen the whole thing ? DH said it would be like putting a diamond in a plastic ring. Now I'm discouraged. It was just sooooo perfect !

What do you think ? Yes or No ? My only other option is buying a big piece of wood , copying the oval shape on it and cut it out. It would have to be routed all around , sanded to perfection,sealed and painted or stained.

UGH - so much work . I'm open for suggestions.

**Thank you again for your help !!!**

I should say this to all of you more often :)

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Use the frame...You could paint it any color you want and for hanging purposes, it is waaay lighter. Just my 2 cents worth....
oh, Got a Pic? ;-)

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Yes ! Here's a pic of the frame (with the picture still in it )

and here's a close up picture of it.

The frame would be redone in black & ball chain . The center is 1/8th inch masonite -- sturdy for a mosaic.
Whatcha think ?

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I say ''go for it.'' I would.

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Sorry to be a spoiler. I'm w/your DH. A commissioned piece that you're gonna put so much time into deserves special framing, thereby increasing the price of the project. I don't like much of anything plastic.

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You're not a spoiler ! I want opinions ! LOL

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Ive pondered this a couple days and Im with slow. I also think painting the plastic might make it look tacky. Does it have to be oval? Consider using mdf as a base and using molding and trim strips to form the frame around the mosaic. Also-does that masonite have any flex to it? if it does its not suitable for your mosaic.

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If it doesn't have to be oval, another option is wooden cabinet doors. They already have the trim and make a sturdy substrate. I don't think the plastic is a good idea.

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