Hawaiian Vacations

emmaApril 14, 2013

My nephew went on a vacation to the Island Of Molokai. If you need a place with quiet and something more like the orig islands that is the place. They have a little bit of a rain forest for hiking, only 3 or 4 restaurants, that are very expensive. He got mad at their prices and bought some food at their store for sandwiches. LOL He had a hut on the beach that was rocky, look like black lava rock, no swimming. He rented a car there and drove to a stretch of beach 3 miles long and they had the place to themselves. I thought of going there but not sure about going alone. Sounds like paradise to me.

This is not a commercial, I love nature and thought I would share this with any one else that likes to hike and enjoys solitude.

Here is a link that might be useful: Molokai

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Sounds interesting. Considering HI for next year but I think we will stay on "the beaten path" since we are first timers.

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stir fryi, I am one of those rare people who likes solitude, communing with nature, etc.. It would suit me just fine. Wish I knew someone with the same likes, so I wouldn't have to go alone.

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Ever consider Costa Rica?? They have 10 climate zones
both oceans , scuba ,white water, real rainforests Any kind of accomadations you can imagine. Almost a quarter of the entire country is parks so you can be as alone ,not alone as you chose.lol The flora and fauna is mind boggling. Ground trans is excellant as is air.
Have nothing against Hawaii,Caribbean just sooo much more to see and do for a lot less money
have meet many people traveling alone there even to very remote areas. but you can always go with a tour group either arranged here or there depending on where you want to go and how much time??

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Costa Rico is very dangerous, don't believe it if you are told differently. I was there and the guides were saying it is safe to wander around alone. Later on a cruise I was discussing this with someone and she said her brother married a woman from PR. He moved there set up his dental and had children. He carried a gun, there was a gun in every room of their home, guns in his dental office and bars on all the windows. When the children grew up they went to college in the US and never came home and they were begging the parents to move to the states where it is safe.

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